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What is Dom Brown’s Future in Red and White Pinstripes?

Domonic Brown (Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

Domonic Brown (Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)


As many of my fellow readers are well aware, Domonic Brown is sidelined for the rest of this season with a concussion/concussion-like symptoms. The question that comes to mind from this incident is where will Brown be come next July?

For starters, Brown has been one of the biggest disappointments this Phillies roster has seen in recent memory. He showed the Philly Phaithful what he could do for about a month in 2013 when he was named to the NL All-Star team. Besides that short stretch of time, Brown’s career has been pretty pedestrian for someone who was not only considered the organization’s top prospect, but widely considered the top prospect in all of baseball in 2010.

This year, Brown posted a .228 batting average with five homeruns and 25 RBIs in 63 games. Last season, in 144 games, he had a .235 batting average with 10 homeruns and 63 RBIs.

Moving forward from that, the first question that comes into play is – What can the Phillies front office get for a player like Domonic Brown?

Brown is only 27 years old and has not yet hit the prime of his career. I’m sure there is still some potential there to get something in return for him. He still has enough potential that the Phillies cannot just part ways with him without trying to get something in return for the former All-Star. Maybe a top 10 or 15 prospect and cash? I would like to see the future front office try to get some offers.

The second question is – Who will take over the everyday corner outfield position if Brown is removed from the roster?

If the Phillies keep Jeff Francoeur, he is a fourth man at best. Cody Asche will hopefully become a more reliable outfielder with this year of experience plus next year’s spring training. These two are very iffy at best and should split time with each other.

The obvious answer for this is the one that the front office decided to do – call up Aaron Altherr. Altherr has been on a tear since being called up. In 17 games, he has a .259 batting average with seven extra=base hits, including two homeruns and 10 RBI. Altherr is a solid option, he brings youth to the outfield, which is what this roster needs. I think that between Altherr and hopefully, Roman Quinn, being called up next year, this Phillies roster is getting a much needed makeover, and to be honest, I could not be more excited.

At the end of the day, this is pure speculation, but I would not be shocked if Domonic Brown is not in red and white pinstripes July 2016. There are too many other, younger options in the teams’ farm system. At most, I see him maybe being a fourth or fifth man in an outfield rotation.

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