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What Will Yankees’ Plan of Action Be This Offseason?

After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series Sunday night, much to the dismay of Yankee fans, the Yankees’ focus now shifts on free agency, and who they will sign to improve their chances of winning the World Series next year. There are a lot of high-profile players available, such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. While Yankee fans may have reacted after the Red Sox won Sunday, by wanting the Yankees to sign Harper or Machado, or both, the latest news on that front is that the Yankees are not likely to sign them, and honestly, that is the right move.

The Yankees’ top priority this offseason should be starting pitching, and there are a few top pitchers that are free agents, such as Dallas Keuchel and Patrick Corbin, the latter being rumored to sign with the Yankees due to his desire to play for his childhood favorite team. I would definitely try to sign one of those two pitchers, if not both. After the Yankees starting rotation underperforming this past season, and in the playoffs, the Yankees need to go all out for starters this offseason. Plus, Keuchel has playoff experience and despite having a down year, he has the chance to rebound with the Yankees and does not have to be their ace. Where the Yankees would get that ace leads me to my next idea.

Since the Yankees have a top minor league system, they should use those players to acquire a top of the line pitcher, and that pitcher I have in mind is Madison Bumgarner. Although Bumgarner came off an injury this past season, he can still pitch effectively in big games, and has the track record to prove it, by winning the World Series three times in San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants have been struggling the last two seasons and could be looking to deal their ace for top prospects in return, which the Yankees definitely have. Although the Yankees have done a great job developing their prospects, it is impossible to play them all and some are best used in trades for a top player. Bumgarner is that guy and the Yankees should deal some prospects for the man they call “MadBum”. Since he is coming off a down year, the Yankees may be able to get him cheaper and not give up a lot of top prospects. We will have to wait and see, but it makes sense.

Now, returning to the topic of Harper and Machado, the Yankees do not need another highly-paid player in the lineup that there is no guarantee that they will fit in with the Yankees. The Yankees have a good situation going and just need to retool the lineup, and not make any major changes.

If the Yankees sign Machado, they will presumably play him at shortstop, in place of Didi Gregorius, who will miss time due to Tommy John surgery. Even though Machado has proven that he is one of the top shortstops in baseball, he made a comment that will turn off some prospective teams from signing him. In an interview with Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and The Athletic, Machado said that hustling was “not (his) cup of tea.” Between this comment, and the fact that he did not hit well in the World Series should be enough evidence why the Yankees should not pursue him. If the Yankees get Harper, they will have an outfielder that is known for power hitting, and while that is great, he has proven to be streaky throughout his career, which is something the Yankees definitely do not need. The Yankees need contact hitters that put the ball in play and are not just going to go up there and hit a home run every time at bat.

If the Yankees can just sign or trade for some top starters and sign a contact hitter or two, they will be fine, and the Yankees will be back in it and contend for the World Series in 2019.

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