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What’s New in Baseball World

The most interesting baseball news these days includes the game between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros during which the main focus was shifted from the game itself to the president of the US, Donald Trump, who was booed by baseball fans.

Talking about Major League Baseball, apart from the game mentioned above, there is no other baseball news and betting prognosis you should be concerned about. Apart from the Nationals and Astros, all other teams did their best by all means but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the finish line.

However, we strive to keep you informed about some recent events that happened to be in the spotlight these days, as well as plans of some famous baseball names.

Yankees Eliminated?

The 2019 season has ended for the New York Yankees after the Houston Astros eliminated them on Saturday night, even though they were quite successful in the regular season with a total of 103 wins. Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone didn’t hesitate to show disappointment, but his final words were the words of praise for all the players and their hard work.

The Yankees lost 6-4 in Game 6 and moved over for the Astros to proudly walk into the World Series. This will be the second time in three years that the team from Houston has a chance to win big.

Unlike the Yankees, the Astros had a good first inning, ending 3-0 in their favour. However, the highlight of the game that finalized the result happened in the last inning which, although a tie, couldn’t do anything for the New Yorkers.

The man of the match happened to be Houston’s José Altuve whose swing sealed the Astros’ victory. He managed to hit a 2-run walk-off homer and become an American League Championship Series MVP.

Since the Yankees didn’t make their dreams come true, they will have to make some changes in order to move towards the top again.

What’s Happening in Philly?

Last week, we heard through the grapevine that Philadelphia Phillies searched for a new leader of the team. Today, it’s official — they dismissed Gabe Kapler and hired a new guy, Joe Girardi, to fill in the spot. What is interesting is that before taking over the Phillies, Girardi was the manager of Team USA, meaning that his change of heart will result in him missing the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

All of this is interesting since Girardi used to manage the already mentioned New York Yankees from 2008 to 2017. While working with them, the Yankees had four 90-win seasons and six postseason appearances. Also, one of the seasons resulted in 103 wins, which took the Yankees to the 2009 World Championship where they played against his current team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Since the Phillies ended up drained and disappointed after the latest discouraging results, perhaps Girardi’s powerful spirit and positive energy is exactly what they need to get back on track. The team went through a lot due to the leadership that put a burden of expectations on their backs and valued only what was written in black and white.

The Philadelphia Phillies offered Girardi a three-year contract, which means that until 2022, he is supposed to use his detailed planning and intelligence to wake up this group of under-performing yet talented players and help them achieve the success they deserve. If everything goes well, the club has the option to prolong Girardi’s contract for the 2023 season as well.

Now when everything is officially settled, it’s time for some serious work and preparations.

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