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What’s next for Miesha Tate after her UFC 196 win?

The stage was set: Holly Holm would defeat Miesha Tate in her first title defense as UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Once Ronda Rousey returned from her time off, Holm would then face her. The rematch from UFC 193 would be set in stone. Millions of dollars would be made by the UFC. There was only one problem: Miesha Tate didn’t get that memo.

This past Saturday, Meisha Tate changed everything. “Cupcake” literally choked-out “The Preacher’s Daughter” at UFC 196 in a surprising outcome. After pounding on the champion for a while, Tate latched herself onto Holm and made her go unconscious thanks to a rear-naked choke. The 29-year old gained her first title in the UFC, won her fifth fight in a row and improved to 18-5. So, what happens next?

We could get a rematch between Holm and Tate. According to, Holly Holm definitely wants that belt back. After the fight, Holm stated:

“I want a rematch. Miesha’s been around a long time. She’s a tough champion so I’m sure she’ll want to take the fight so let’s do it. I gave you a shot, give me a shot. I’m not going to let you choke me out again.”

I believe that would be a great fight to put on again. At the end of the day unfortunately, UFC is about generating a lot of revenue. That means bringing back their ultimate moneymaker, Ronda Rousey. Speaking to ESPN after UFC 196, UFC President Dana White announced that Rousey will be the one to fight Tate next for the Bantamweight Title. Dana went on to say:

“I think that Ronda now will fight Miesha Tate for the title. That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what I said before this fight even happened. Whoever wins tonight will fight Ronda for the title.”

Although she is very busy starring in films, the UFC world knows Rousey will come back soon. The return of Ronda Rousey would excite anyone. If she was to win, she would be back on top of the MMA world. It could lead to Holm vs. Rousey II, which I’m sure Rousey (along with the rest of the world) would be waiting for. I believe a number one contenders match between Holly and Rousey would be awesome, as it would give them another motivating factor to fight. I don’t think that would be ideal for Dana though. Rousey will forever be “the one” in most eyes, and she is due to get her spark back.

What about the rest of the women in the bantamweight division? It appears they must take a backseat to the “heavy hitters” of the division. Their moment will come in due time.

Miesha changed the balance of the women’s bantamweight division. If she will be facing Rousey, it could be one interesting challenge. Tate’s reign has just begun, and she’s not looking to give up the title so easily. After losing both of her matches to Rousey, the third time may be the charm for Miesha Tate.

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