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What’s Wrong with the Mets’ Offense? Nothing

Citi Field/Daily News

Citi Field/Daily News

Mets fans were ready to jump ship again this week after losing 2 of 3 to the Nationals on the heels of being swept in Colorado.

The strike-outs piled up, the losses piled up and the team managed just 2 runs in its one win over the Nationals before the weekend and of course, Matt Harvey was bombed again.

The football mentality took over within the social media contingent of the Mets’ fan-base, and once again the season was ‘on the brink’ in May.

Similar to Yankees’ teams of years past, the complaint now is “too much reliance on the home run” and an inability to “manufacture runs”.  The fans obsess over bunts and sacrifice flies.

They managed just 3 runs in a series opening win against the Brewers, and had to come from behind on Saturday to win 5-4 on a walk off hit by the previously maligned David Wright.

And while that all sounds good, if you delve into the last week of Mets’ baseball, there are several truisms: First, good pitching beats good hitting; any Mets fan knows that from watching the Mets’ staff.

The same Washington Nationals team that ran up 9 runs against Matt Harvey, who is not a good pitcher at the moment, was shut out by Noah Syndergaard the night before.

The Mets didn’t score much in Colorado as they ran into Colorado’s number 1 pitching prospect in Jon Gray, Eddie Butler who is currently pitching to a sub-4 ERA, and Tyler Chatwood who while not a household name, is pitching well to start 2016 with an ERA just above 3.

The Mets were shutdown by Stephen Strasburg who has shut down a lot of teams, and Gio Gonzalez who remains one of baseball’s better left handed starters.

What got the Mets’ bats going again?  The Milwaukee Brewers.

Though they scored just 3 runs Friday night, Michael Conforto homered, and yesterday, the previously struggling Curtis Granderson homered along with a dramatic game-tying tw0-run homerun by Yoenis Cespedes in the 6th inning.

Is David Wright going to hit .325 with 25 homeruns and 95 RBIs? No.  He just isn’t that kind of player anymore.

However, he can still be productive.

What the Mets ran into was good pitching and good pitching will always beat good hitting when good pitching is on its game, and that was the case last week.

When the Mets face poor pitching, they will hammer it for homeruns, extra base hits, and yes, the occasional manufactured run.





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