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Where is the love for New York's football teams uniforms?

The NFL Ten Best Uniforms came on Thursday night on the NFL channel and well let’s just say neither of our local teams was shown any love.  Of course we can agree as one NFL player puts it that uniforms do play a very important role.  It really translates to, “if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you play good.”  Now this may not seem so deep to the average person but any NFL player would tell you that his uniform matters.  If that is not the case, then what was the importance of such a list?

We may not all stand in agreement with the teams that made the list and we may also agree on some of the teams that didn’t make the list but should have.  Two such teams are, you guessed it, our very own NY teams.  How could neither one of them make the list? Big Blue and Gang Green are a part of the city that never sleeps.  Both teams are identified by their colors.  How many teams in the NFL can be referred to by their colors and it makes or has a lasting impact.  Still trying to guess?  Well, none!

Big Blue and Gang Green are New York’s beloved teams even though fans of one team cannot be fans of the other.  But there is one thing both teams share in common and that is their color identification which makes them so unique.  If not for anything else either teams or both should have made that list.  The disappointment is there because we all love when New York represents.

An announcer also shared the disappointment.  He felt that Big Blue should have made the list because to him he considers them iconic.  Imagine that? Iconic uniforms he said are those uniforms that are gonna stick around.  Who can disagree with that? That is what an NFL uniform should be all about, one that represents constant solidity.  Big Blue and Gang Green are like staples.  Never mind Big Blue being iconic but not making the list.  We’ll take that compliment.  It is some validation that Big Blue will have a lasting effect on the NFL because after all, that sorta is what iconic refers to.

New York didn’t make the cut but we have our identifiers that set us apart and we’ll keep that.

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