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Who will replace Todd Bowles as Jets’ head coach?

It’s a foregone conclusion that Todd Bowles will be let go at the end of the season and a new regime will possibly take over for the Jets. As much as the players love their head coach, Bowles has failed time in and time out to consistently prepare the Jets for each game.

While talent is definitely a factor, having games like Green Bay and games like Buffalo in the same season is unacceptable. They looked like world beaters against one of the best quarterbacks in the world, while they looked like a pee wee team against Matt Barkley and the lowly Bills.

You aren’t going to keep your job if you can’t get your team up for every game, and the lack of effort at times has been alarmingly bad. Whoever is going to replace Bowles has a ton of young tools at his disposal. Who will it be?

Mike McCarthy

The most popular name out there, and this may be by recency bias, is Mike McCarthy. McCarthy was let go this season by the Packers partially for lack of success and partially for his constant tiffs with Aaron Rodgers.

McCarthy has won a Super Bowl, but is he really that good of a head coach? It’s the old debate of the chicken and the egg. Did Aaron Rodgers have success because of McCarthy’s offense or did Rodgers win in spite of Big Mike? Either way, he”s the most popular choice but isn’t necessarily the most worthy.

Bruce Arians

Now Bruce Arians would be a more intriguing choice for the Jets, strictly on his success with quarterbacks. The last offensive head coach the Jets hired was Rich Kotite, which obviously didn’t go well. However, other than a cup of tea with success under Herm Edwards and the two AFC Championship runs, the Jets have nothing to show for defense first.

Arians got his notoriety for his stint in Indy where he was able to work with a young Andrew Luck and have an influence on the quarterback he is today. He then coached a decent but not great Cardinals team and turned them into contenders thanks to his work with Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer.

Who is to say that he can’t do the same with Sam Darnold? He may not have a receiver as talented as Fitz, but Arians seems to be a quarterback whisperer. If you’re all in on your quarterback, your coach should be all in on him as well.

John Harbaugh

The one that most Jet fans would love for them to go after is John Harbaugh. He has a pedigree of success, has his team rolling right now, and has an uncertain future despite what the Ravens front office is saying.

The Jets have been rumored to be linked to Harbugh and will try to lure him away from Baltimore. Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson may be completely different types of quarterbacks, but you can’t deny that Harbaugh makes magic out of whatever he is given.

He is a defensive mastermind and his teams always play hard for him. If he can bring that hard nosed in your face Ravens mentality to the Jets, he will be LOVED.

As said before, Todd Bowles seems like a good guy but just isn’t getting the job done. He will be gone by the end of this season and there should be a good replacement for him. Who that replacement is remains to be seen.

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