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Who won the Odell Beckham Jr. trade?

For those of you who fell asleep super early on Tuesday night, the Giants finally traded their uber-talented but much maligned star Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns.  The Giants traded Beckham for a 2019 first round pick, a 2019 third round pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers.

Beckham has been one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL since he was drafted by the Giants, but recent failures both with the team and personally was the last straw for Giants’ management.  Beckham’s open criticism of Eli Manning and his constant whining and complaining probably triggered John Mara to ship him out.  Let’s break down how the trade works out for both teams;

The Browns get Odell Beckham

The Browns were able to reunite Odell Beckham Jr. and his LSU teammate Jarvis Landry, who signed with the Browns last year after starting his career in Miami.  The Browns all of a sudden have some very good skill at each position, with David Njoku at Tight End, Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson at Running Back, Beckham and Landry at Wide Receiver, and Baker Mayfield at Quarterback.

It’s a far cry from the sadsack Browns and this Beckham trade proves that the Browns are all in and ready to compete.  They gave up a hefty price for him, giving away a first round draft pick, a third round, and a future star in Jabril Peppers, but at what point do the Browns stop compiling young players and actually compete in the NFL?  It seems the time is now.  It was a great trade for them because they got a dynamic playmaker who will be rejuvenated with a new team and an old friend in Landry.

The Giants get Jabrill Peppers, 2019 first round pick, 2019 third round pick

The Giants got three pieces for Odell Beckham Jr., and the best one was probably strong safety Jabrill Peppers, a former standout New Jersey high school football player and stud at Michigan.  Peppers fills a void left by former Pro-Bowl safety Landon Collins, who was not franchised by the Giants and signed a big free agent deal with the Redskins.

Regardless of what happens with the two picks, Peppers is a very good player and could wind up being one of the best young safeties in the game.  Did the Giants need to do this?  Of course not but they probably had some prior knowledge that they would receive Peppers in the trade, hence why they didn’t re-sign Landon Collins.

Will the Giants go defense early now that they have a later first round pick?  If the Giants are high on Daniel Jones of Duke or someone along those lines, they can take defense with the sixth pick and then grab him instead of Dwayne Haskins.  If not, they can use of their picks as leverage to either move up to get Haskins OR move back to compile more picks.  The third round pick is essentially a fourth round pick because it comes at the very end of the round.


Who wins this trade for Odell Beckham Jr.?  In the immediately future, the Browns.  They receive a highly volatile but unbelievably talented wide receiver who will a good foundation will produce ungodly numbers.  His time was up in NYC and you could tell the clock was ticking the past few seasons.

In the long run?  It all depends on how Jabrill Peppers adjusts to New York and how the Giants use their draft picks.  If Peppers plays how he did his rookie season, the Giants have no shot winning this trade.  If he plays closer to how he did last season and the Giants’ draft picks work out at least somewhat?  Then it would be as close to an even trade as you can have.  Farewell, OBJ, we hardly knew you.

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