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Who Would Be Jets Franchise Four?

Which four players make up the Jets Franchise Four?

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During this year’s MLB All-Star Game, Major League Baseball unveiled something called the “franchise four” which is the four greatest players for each franchise. Keeping the same theme going, who are the four greatest players to ever play for the New York Jets?

The easiest way to come to this conclusion, is by coming up with a list of players that are in the discussion, and eliminating them one by one. Here is the list of players in the discussion: Joe Namath, Curtis Martin, Darrelle Revis, Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau, Don Maynard, Wayne Cherbet, Al Toon, and Wesley Walker. There are more that can be added to this original list, but all of these players are at least worth mentioning when it comes to the top four. Here’s my list for the top four.

  1. Joe Namath – There really isn’t much of an explanation needed here. He led the Jets to a miraculous upset of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, the Jets only Super Bowl victory. His large ego led to him being treated more than just a football star. He was rather treated as a superstar and put the Jets, and the rest of the AFL on the map.
  2. Curtis Martin – Curtis Martin finished his career with 14,101 rushing yards, which is fourth on the all-time list, and played with the Jets for eight seasons. Although he did not win or make it to any Super Bowls with the Jets, there really aren’t too many players that do have that argument.
  3. Don Maynard – Maynard is special for many reasons and the first being that he was an original Jet. He started off with the New York Titans in 1960 and stuck with the Jets until 1972. Maynard finished his career 11,834 receiving yards which is good enough for 26th on the all-time list. Maynard was also a member of the Jets’ only Super Bowl team. He along with Martin and Namath are all in the NFL Hall of Fame.
  4. Darrelle Revis – I almost feel guilty for leaving Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau off the list, but Revis is a very special player. When the Jets went to back-to-back AFC Championship games, it was because of their defense, not their offense. And who was the heart and soul of that defense? Darrelle Revis. I know Revis had the lockout and then left the Jets for the Buccaneers and the Patriots, but now Revis is back. And the defense is just at a different level when Revis is with the Jets. He is the captain. Jets fans everywhere love having a lockdown corner like Revis and I think Revis is at his best with the Jets. When he was in Tampa Bay, he was not getting much attention since the team was not very good. He also did not get the attention he wanted in New England because of Tom Brady. Revis likes to be the main man and that is exactly what he is on the Jets defense. And if Revis is a part of another deep playoff run or two with the Jets, then there is no doubt in my mind that he gets number four on the list.

Leaving names like Klecko and Gastineau off this list is really disappointing. They are great Jets players but unfortunately there is just not enough room for them. Although the Jets have not won a Super Bowl in 46 years, they have had so many good players come through their organization. Those four were just the best of the best in my opinion.

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