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Why Sexy Star and Mariposa’s rivalry means so much to main stream women’s wrestling

Sexy Star (YouTube)

Sexy Star (YouTube)

Sometimes I utilize the weekend to catch up on some things that I may have missed in the wrestling world. There are so many organizations with amazing content that comes each week now that it takes me a bit of time to get to everything. On a peaceful Saturday night, I had the pleasure of watching an amazing match. A match that I feel will turn the landscape of main stream women’s wrestling on it’s nose.

As the main event for the night, Sexy Star took on Mariposa in a brutal 20 minute match.

I need to start my praising of this match by stating that both competitors have been showcased properly since season 2 of Lucha Underground began. They’ve had a well planned feud that has been building for months now. This is not always easy to come by in women’s wrestling but Lucha Underground has delivered. Both women are so accomplished in the business that they absolutely deserve the honor of being the main event in any company.

With the electric crowd behind them Sexy Star and Mariposa brought their A game and set out to destroy each other or die trying. From the ring of the bell, Mariposa was doing everything that she could to get Sexy Star to quit. Mariposa brought out some fantastic submission holds, weapons and even took Sexy Star out to the audience, to use the ground as leverage for her brutal attacks, but Star wouldn’t give up. Even after sustaining a big gash on her head and bleeding all over the arena, Sexy wouldn’t say those magic words.. I Quit.

The bizarre Marty, even tried to assist his sister but Willie Mack had Sexy Star’s back and came out to even the playing field. With a huge F-You directed at Mariposa, Sexy Star made a comeback and won the match with a great submission hold.

The reason that this match is so important to main stream women’s wrestling, is because it may finally wake some of these promoters up. There are so many talented women that can have main event matches that wrestling fans want to see. Fans are actually demanding it. They have the following to draw in fans and put butts in seats. I hope that people in the business are taking notice because the landscape of women’s wrestling is changing. Just hang on and enjoy the ride!



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