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Matt Harvey - Mets (

Matt Harvey – Mets (

Well, here we are. Today is Harvey Day, and normally its a cause for celebration. Right now, its a cause for concern. Many Mets fans are wondering, “Which Matt Harvey will show up today?” The question continues to frustrate many. How we got to this point is beyond me, but let’s try to play catch up: 

Matt Harvey did not show up to Citi Field on Saturday, citing a major migraine as the reason. The Mets, two hours before Harvey was scheduled to pitch on Sunday, suspended him for three days. As the days went on, more information was being provided as to why this happened. Page Six provided all the details. Harvey went out for Cinco de Mayo at 1Oak all night. A rumor flying around was that he was upset that Adriana Lima, a model he was linked to, was seen with former flame and football star Julian Edelman. No, this is not an episode of The Real World or Jersey Shore. Harvey then played golf that Saturday. 

This is where we talk about baseball: Matt Harvey has proven that he can be a valuable asset on the field. Off of it? He can be a HUGE distraction for the Mets. This has not been the first time Harvey has done something similar. Remember, he did not show up at one point during the playoffs in 2015. His party lifestyle is infamous. The team would not make a decision this bold if it wasn’t warranted. 

Ken Rosenthal, one of the nicest people in sports, wrote a piece dissecting the Harvey problem, and he was very blunt about it. We need some more of it. Harvey did end up apologizing, stating personal issues got in the way and that he was embarrassed of his actions. It’s good when an athlete apologizes for the mistakes they made. The message was clear. 


This is what it needed to be. Now, if there’s more to the issue, I understand (alcoholism, depression, etc.) His teammates are willing to help out. He needs to realize that. Bartolo Colon even reached out to him. Being a team player is such an important factor in any family. We are all human. 

The Mets are at fault here as well for making this mess worse than it was. There was a lot of miscommunication on both front’s that has confused and upset all Mets fans. The way it has been handled after has been an improvement, but it just shows that all parties have a lot to learn. 

Harvey stated we have his word. His word will be tested tonight, and throughout the remainder of the season. Harvey states he wants to be the next Jeter. One way to accomplish that: No distractions. Be the pitcher and man everyone, including yourself, knows you can be.

Today is a big test for Matt Harvey. It’s the first day of the rest of his life. He has a chance to right wrongs, and focus solely on what he was born to do; dominate the game of baseball. Most importantly: Show up! Can he become the hero New York needs, or as another DC superhero has stated in the past, will The Dark Knight fail his city, and himself?

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