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With Durant’s injury, Knicks need to choose new path to success

I know Knicks fans;  You’ve missed out on Lebron James and whiffed on Carmelo Anthony by trading away almost your entire team for one round of playoff success.  The Knicks overreached with the signing of an aging Am’are Stoudemire.  Now they’re in a position to sign Kevin Durant, but with his ruptured achilles it’s now time to switch focus to Anthony Davis and possibly a Kemba Walker or Tobias Harris.

It isn’t ideal but the two biggest free agents, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, both have red flags waving all over them.  Irving is injury prone, like Stoudemire, and doesn’t look like he could handle the pressure of New York if things started to go south.  Durant would have been ideal but he’s going to be out for almost all of next season and no one knows how he is going to come back.

Is he still going to be the same explosive playmaker that he was up to this point?  Will he be able to pivot or move the same way he used to?  The answer is unknown but the Knicks can’t take that risk.  They’ve been burned far too many times signing injury prone players who don’t play up to their potential.

It’s not Durant’s fault, as at this moment he is one of the best players in the world.  However, he’s already 31 and coming off of a debilitating achilles injury.  By the time he takes the court for the Knicks he’ll most likely be 33 and outside of his prime.  In addition to that, he may never be that dynamic superstar the Knicks desperately need, and if so his contract will be an anchor and sink whatever the Knicks want to do in the future.

Are there other options?  Of course but none may be as good as a healthy Durant.  However, no one knows what Durant will be when he comes back and between the contract and the injury it’s a risk the Knicks can’t take.  If they can come out of this offseason with a trade for Anthony Davis and Kemba Walker, it’ll be a success.  A path has been laid out by our very own Andre Ogle. The Knicks have all the cap room in the world to build around, but signing a man who may never be the same player isn’t the way to go.

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