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With New TV Deals, The XFL Scored A Major Touchdown

With multiple stations willing to play games, the XFL will reach a whole new market.

One of the top priorities for the XFL, besides rules and who will be playing for the league, was the idea of a TV deal. What platform would be taking on the revitalized football league started by Vince McMahon? Now we know the multiple platforms that will house the alternative to the NFL.

Only six days after Super Bowl LIV in 2020, the XFL will have its first game on February 8th. The 2 p.m. game will be on ABC and the night cap will be on FOX. Additionally, ESPN and FS1 will air games. The playoffs are on April 18th (FOX) and 19th (ESPN), and the XFL Championship game will be on April 26th on ESPN.

(via XFL)

“We are thrilled to partner with ESPN and FOX Sports, two innovative media companies with extensive experience in world-class football production that will undoubtedly help us reimagine football,” stated XFL Founder and Chairman Vince McMahon. “The XFL broadcast schedule provides us with incredible reach and makes it easy for fans to watch our games consistently every weekend.”

The TV deals will reportedly be for around three years. Disney and Fox will be keeping all TV advertising inventory for games. With two major conglomerates investing in the XFL, the organization is already exceeding expectations.

In its previous run in 2001 the XFL was on NBC, TNN and UPN. The lack of preparation and TV spots to promote the brand was ultimately its downfall. With multiple platforms, both TV and online, the XFL can now be viewed multiple ways by millions of people.

Ultimately, the XFL wants to avoid the fate of the AAF, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With the backing of Vince McMahon’s funds and multi-billion dollar industries (Walt Disney Co. and Fox), the XFL’s new TV deals open the doors to unique and endless possibilities.

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