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Women’s History Month Interview Series: Liz Adams, CrossFit Athlete and Professional Grid Racer

Liz Adams, from Rye, NY, is a female athlete in a male dominated sports world. That simple fact doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves; it inspires her to let other women know that “We can do whatever guys can do. “



I see Liz train; it’s incredible.

I hear her speak; it’s passionate.

I watch her coach; it’s inspiring.

CrossFit and Grid racing are under the umbrella of functional fitness. Moving your body in ways that human bodies are designed to move, just adding weighted components, body weight components, and speed. Building strength and endurance is key to the success of competing in functional fitness.

Liz Adams, from Rye, NY, is a female athlete in a male dominated sports world.  That simple fact doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves; it inspires her to let other women know that “We can do whatever guys can do. “

More specific to her role in sports she added, “I think part of the great thing about functional fitness, or Grid, is that you’re doing it with males.  You’re able to do whatever they are doing. Teaching the message that it’s OK to be strong, it’s OK to have muscles, it’s OK to want to be better, it’s OK to want to push yourself physically and mentally. You don’t have to fit into this role that you need to look a certain way, or can’t lift weights. It’s empowering to be in sports, to show other women that this is what I do, and you can do it to.”

Liz (left) and writer, Jackie Daly.

Liz (left) and writer, Jackie Daly.

Strong is sexy, and Liz Adams embodies that statement. Everyday as she coaches athletes in CrossFit at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave in NYC, changing their lives, these women really begin to understand what “strong is sexy” means.  They believe it, and change their attitude to live by it. To witness this empowerment that Liz has on female athletes is just beautiful.

I asked Liz to describe a typical day of training for her; “I train my first session in the morning, it’s usually weightlifting around 8 or 9 o’clock, takes about an hour or so. Rest. Eat. Probably three hours later I’ll do my second session, which is either conditioning or a skill/gymnastics.  So I usually train about five hours total a day.”


How does Liz get through all this in ONE day?!

“I think I have become really good at not needing someone or something to rely on to get me motivated. If it’s not something that my heart’s in or not something I am passionate about, I’m not going to do it. So I haven’t gotten to the point where I don’t love it anymore, or I don’t get excited to train.  Every night I go to sleep thinking about what I have the next day.  There are days where I am not as motivated, or I don’t feel like doing something, I think my brother inspires me to be better, and my coach also, he’s always in the back of my head.”

Adams is coach by Jami Tikkanen, who also coaches Annie Thorisdottir, two time CrossFit Games champion.

Being a professional athlete certainly has the ability to take up all of your time, and leave you streamlined and focused for the task at hand.  Adams is still able to appreciate sports outside of her specialty (side note she played college basketball at Fordham University in NYC).

We asked Liz some questions that we are asking every woman being honored during this year’s Women’s History Month at DoubleGSports; 1. What is your favorite sports movie? 2. If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why.

“Favorite sports movie, hmmmm.” She sat and really thought about it for a while, as I tossed some movies at her to get the wheels turning.

Me, “Rudy?”

Liz, as she chuckled, “No, definitely not Rudy.  Favorite sports movie, hmm. I like Raging Bull with Robert De Niro. That’s a really good movie. He’s a boxer. I do like Miracle.” Of course, I stood up and yelled, “YES” when she said Miracle. If anyone knows me personally, that reaction would be expected. I love when someone appreciates anything and everything about ice hockey. That part of the interview was my favorite!

She did not even hesitate for one split second when starting to name her ideal dinner dates. 3 people. “Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jordan and John Wooden. Lil’ Wayne because he is the love of my life. He’s my favorite rapper, and he’s been a huge part of my life since eighth grade. People think it’s a joke. But his music has kind of made me who I am today.  Michael Jordan because he has been my hero since the 4th grade. This was when I wanted to start playing basketball. I had posters of him and Lil’ Wayne all over my room. He is the greatest basketball player of all time.  John Wooden because he is the greatest coach of all time.  He’s a huge inspiration, an incredible, incredible man. I don’t think they are made like that anymore.  His philosophy on life and in sports is incredible.”

With the upcoming CrossFit Games season just underway, and promising involvement with the Grid League’s second season, Liz will continue to train hard, and strive for her amazing yet attainable goals. This is all while motivating every single person in her daily life (friends, family, athletes she coaches) to be better.

Liz Adams has got it goin’ on, and I could not be more honored to call her a great friend. She has changed my life.

Go Lizzie!”


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