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Women’s History Month Interview Series: Q&A with Professional Golfer, Brittany Benvenuto

Brittany Benvenuto, a professional golfer and an inspiring young lady.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to  you Brittany Benvenuto. A professional golfer and an inspiring young lady.




1.     Growing up, when did you really start to explore your interest and talent in golf, and what made you do so?

When I was 3 years old, my family had moved to a house that happened to be right across the street from a public golf course.  But it wasn’t until I was around the age of 12 when I really got interested in the sport.  My older brother started walking across the street to play, so I decided I wanted to follow him.  Anything he did, I wanted to do.  I realized that I was pretty good at it and I really enjoyed the challenge of the game.  I played all sports growing up: softball, basketball, volleyball, etc., but golf was much different in that it was an individual sport.  I had so much fun learning about my abilities and what I could do to improve.

2.      Describe a typical day of training for you!

Golf is a very unique sport.  There are so many aspects of the game that you can practice.  Each day is a little bit different than the last.  I will spend a good portion of the day working on the driving range and short game area and then usually go onto the golf course to play a match or practice shots on the course.  I also work out with a trainer 3 times a week.  We target certain areas in my body that will help increase speed and stability in my golf swing.

3.      How does training differ as an adult compared to high school athletics?

Training in golf doesn’t really change that much from high school to adulthood.  I would say that it is a more disciplined practice today, but practice still needs to be intriguing and fun so that you are able to get the most out of it.  I still incorporate some of the fun games and exercises into my routine that I used in high school.

brittany24.      Some days are most likely harder than others with training, what motivates you, and why?

I have a very strong passion for this game.  As my coach, Susie Meyers once said, “It is really the greatest game anyone can ever play.  The game hits all of what we as people need.  It is social, it is novel, it is athletic, it is outdoors, it is problem-solving, and whatever level you are at, you can always challenge yourself to get better.”  I am motivated by the challenge that each new day presents.  I am continually motivated to find out what is inside of me and how I can become the best player I can be both physically and mentally.

5.      Is there a particular female in the industry that you have always looked up to? Who, and why?

I looked up to Lorena Ochoa.  She played for my alma mater, the University of Arizona and was an extremely hard worker while she was there.  She was a great competitor on the golf course, but I also looked up to her for how she was and still is off of the golf course.  She was very generous to the fans and media with her time and she was and still is very charitable for organizations in Mexico.

6.      What is your favorite course that you have played? What makes a course “good” “fun”?

I have been really fortunate to have played so many great golf courses around the country.  It is hard to pick one favorite course, but I would have to say it’s Spyglass Hill.  To me, a good golf course is one that challenges you to hit many different shots; draws, fades, high shots, low shots, creative shots around the greens, etc.  I love when my shot-making abilities and creativity can come out.  The views of the Pacific Ocean at Spyglass don’t hurt either.

7.      Was golf a determining factor in your choice for college? What did you study?

Yes, golf was a very big part of my decision to go to The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  I was looking at schools in the South or West so that I could play golf year round.  I was also looking at the golf programs very closely to see which would be a good fit for me personally.  Playing golf for Arizona is still one of my fondest memories.  While I was there, I earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which is just a fancy way of saying I combined 3 areas of study into 1!  Those 3 areas were Business, Psychology, and Sociology.

8.      Biggest goal accomplishment?

I’ve set some pretty lofty goals for myself over the years, but those goals are none that I haven’t thought I could attain.  One of the goals that I set for myself this year on the Symetra Tour was to post a Top 5 finish and then go from there.  I placed 3rd in my last event in Beaumont, CA so I will be able to reevaluate and set more.

9.      What advice would you give a female that is interested in being involved in sports professionally?

Stay motivated and determined.  Do not let outside influences deter you.  There are going to be obstacles along the way but don’t let them defeat or define you.

brittany110.     You’re passionate about golf, clearly, what else makes you happy?!

I really enjoy my family and my friends and getting to spend time with them.  I’m also very passionate about people and building relationships.  I love meeting new people, sharing and spending time with them.  I also love to travel, see different parts of the world and learn new cultures.  I am fortunate that golf has brought me to so many different places and has created so many relationships for me.

11.     How do you feel about being in the spotlight for double g sports Women’s History

I am very flattered that Double G Sports has elected me to participate in Women’s History Month.  I think it is such a cool way to highlight some of the amazing women that are a part of the sports world and can prove to be a motivational factor to get young girls interested.

12.     If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Jesus because I have so many unanswered questions, Mother Theresa because she was such an amazing humanitarian that I could learn from, and Nancy Lopez because she is one of the greats in the history of women’s golf.

13.     What is your favorite sports movie?

Again, I have a ton of favorites but the one sports movie that I always seem to find myself watching over and over is Remember the Titans.

14.     March is Women’s History Month. What type of legacy do you hope to leave, not only in your career, but as a woman?

People often forget what you did or what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  I would like to be remembered more for how I affected people and the passion with which I played.  Ralph Waldo Emerson has a beautiful quote that resonates with me … “To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded.”

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