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World Cup 2018; Bet of the week

I wrote a bit about legalized sports gambling a few weeks ago, so I figured I should dip my toe into giving a game of the week for the World Cup.  Please note that I am not a professional gambler, do not have any inside information, nor do I claim to.  I am simply a fan of soccer, and I’m hoping that I hit a hot streak to help you guys out.

Bet of the week;  England – Belgium draw

My bet of the week for the World Cup is a draw between England and Belgium.  Why you ask?  Because both teams will be playing not to lose, not to win.  Both teams are firmly in the Round of 16 with Tunisia and Panama being too far behind to catch up, and unlike some of the other teams in the World Cup, they aren’t jockying to play the second position team in other groups.  Teams like Japan, Colombia, and Senegal don’t necessarily scare these two powerhouses.

Draws are a tricky thing in soccer because it’s really the only sport you can bet on draws.  Hockey eliminated ties, and every other sport has to have a winner (unless you’re crazy enough to bet on an NFL tie, that happens once in a blue moon).

The two best players in this group, Eden Hazard of Belgium and Harry Kane of England will face off, and will most likely get on the score sheet.  However, due to the nature of the game and the fact that there doesn’t really need to be a winner will make England and Belgium both play passively.  There’s no reason to go all out if you don’t need to, so it will most likely be a slowly paced game.

I’m predicting a 1-1 draw.  The odds are set at 19/8 for this outcome, a little more than 2/1.  For you gambling novices, it’s essentially betting $100 to win $200, or in this case betting $100 to win $237.50.  It’s good value for your bet.  Here’s to hoping that Kane doesn’t get too many penalty shots to put home.  Good luck out there, gamblers.

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