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WOW Wrestling Making a Comeback




Let’s go into a time machine and go back time, to the greatest era in wrestling, which of course is in the late 1990s through early 2000s.

The time where both major and Indy wrestling promotions were thriving and becoming a part of popular culture.

One of the promotions, getting press during that time was WOW wrestling. WOW wrestling was an all-female wrestling promotion founded in 2000. It was founded by David McLane, who prior to that owned GLOW Ladies wrestling in the 80s.

WOW was popular during that time, because, it hit a specific fan base. The fans who were into comic books and loved to see outrageous characters on screen like Jungle Grrl or a prison bound orange jumpsuit wearing tag team called Caged Heat.

It was a campy wrestling show that was a guilty pleasure, for even, traditional wrestling fans.

All of the closeted WOW wrestling fans can get happy again because, it has been announced that “WOW Superheroes” will be launched into digital media.

Its characters are empowered women from all different backgrounds and professions.

The current roster is filled with many talented wrestlers like Amber O’Neal and Candice LaRae, who have been putting the work in for years, on the Indy circuit, and this may be their time to shine on a national level. There are also some original WOW girls who are making a comeback.

If you are excited about the re-launch, but you want to relive some memories of the early years, check out WOW’s YouTube Channel, WOW Superheroes.

There are a few gems there that will give you a nostalgic feeling like Terri Gold vs Jungle Grrl or Vignettes of Riot (the tough chick from Chicago, who almost carried a bat) or Jade (the Asian highflyer).

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