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WrestleMania 32: The case for eliminating the term “Diva” in WWE

The WWE Divas Championship will be on the line at WrestleMania 32 this Sunday. Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will look to put on a classic. The former NXT ladies will look to show why women’s wrestling in WWE is important. While I have no doubt they will have one of the best matches on the card (one that Sasha Banks will hopefully win), it is more than just a title win. It is a chance to bring a change in WWE. These women proved that a few months ago in NXT.


I believe these women also have an opportunity to eliminate the term “diva” from WWE and professional wrestling.

Over the years, the term “diva” to me has sounded derogatory. The show Total Divas has sometimes depicted the women of WWE as catty and it has extremely dense storylines. It destroys the barriers in wrestling, while also showcasing talent for all of the wrong reasons. While they are gaining exposure, Paige and Natalya are being underutilized in the industry they were bred into. I try to avoid using the term “diva” as much as I can when writing about these strong women. In the center of it all, the WWE Divas Championship is a butterfly. Yes, that’s right, a butterfly. While it is great for generating sales, it looks silly on the holder.

While the talent has improved over the years, women in WWE weren’t always known to be equal to the men. They were always the eye candy. The announcers were sometimes forced to say things about the way the women looked or their personal life, instead of calling the actual matches. Triple H has brought prestige back into WWE’s women’s division with the NXT brand. By allowing the women to be themselves and actually wrestle, the women’s division has significantly improved. I’m not saying to bring back the respected Women’s Title (although that would be awesome), a change is definitely needed.

These women have worked their butts off for this moment. When women wrestlers are taken seriously, it gets noticed. Sasha, Charlotte and Becky have been through hell and back, and come this Sunday it will all be worth a moment of reflection. These women anchor a division that has recently gotten stronger since the departure of greats like Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and Victoria years ago. It has all come full circle for them, especially “The Boss”.



The current WWE Divas Champion Charlotte has stated multiple times (in her own way) she would like a change. In an interview with PodNasty (a podcast), Charlotte stated:

“It’s 2016 now. We’ve had the Divas Championship for how long now? And I just think NXT is the Women’s Championship, I find no reason why the main roster couldn’t change it. The term Divas is special to WWE, and the fact that, for instance myself, I wouldn’t look at myself as your typical Diva. Strong, athletic—strong is the new skinny, however you want to look at it—being able to have all these attributes as an athlete and be called a Diva I think it’s great but I would like the name Women’s Championship.”


While she didn’t want to cause any controversy, I get what Charlotte is saying. Being called a “diva” may not be as offensive as I’m pointing it out to be, but its not the greatest title. On the other side of the ring, current NXT Champion Bayley also had something to say about this. Bayley spoke to The Post and Courier about possibly making it to the main roster soon, among other things. In regards to the term “diva”, she said:

“It is what you make it. I grew up on the women’s division and the women’s championship. That name is more special to me. I’m the NXT women’s champion. But when it comes time and I’m part of the divas division, the title really doesn’t bug me anymore like it used to when I was a kid.”

There are various organization who thrive on women’s wrestling without using the term “diva”. Lucha Underground’s women are equal to the men as luchador’s, while TNA have the Knockouts. SHIMMER is an organization that thrives on great female wrestling.

This Sunday at Cowboys Stadium, history could be made. Not just for the whole card, but for the women’s division in WWE. A change is coming, and I hope this is the first step to a true Divas Revolution WOMEN’S REVOLUTION.

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