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WWE 2K17 will feature Goldberg! Is a return to the ring next for the WCW legend?

WWE has been teasing #Hatch for quite some time. There were rumors that the tease was hinting at the return of Bray Wyatt, or a debut of a new star (Finn Balor). During Raw, the crowd in Green Bay and the rest of world discovered what it all meant. A smart marketing trick led to the reveal of a surprise addition to WWE 2K17. Over the years, there have been many cool additions to the long-running game. Everyone has been asking: Who’s Next?

The answer to that question brings back some memories, as it was a former WCW star who (kind of) returned into the WWE limelight. The man named Goldberg will be an added character to the WWE video game if you pre-order it. Check out the promo:


I must say, that did look pretty cool. It has been a while since we have seen Goldberg in any sort of association with WWE. He last wrestled for the company at the infamous WrestleMania 20 match against Brock Lesnar. After about a year with the company, Goldberg left on a sour note (specifically with the fans). Besides DVD’s and WWE Network programs, Goldberg wasn’t near a ring for a while.

The former WCW Champion did not return to the professional wrestling scene until 2015. It was at Citi Field during a Legends of Wrestling event that I actually witnessed Goldberg return to the ring and spear Scott Steiner. Just like the rest of the crowd, I was ecstatic watching the man dominate the ring like he used to. In an event full of legends, his appearance was a great way to close out the show.


The question on everyone’s mind now is if this means a true WWE return for Goldberg. Unfortunately, it is being reported that WWE’s deal with Goldberg is only with 2K Sports. He has mentioned though that he would love to compete in a WWE ring so his son could watch him wrestle. WWE has successfully brought legends into the fold thanks to them appearing in their 2K video game. After years of controversial aggression, The Ultimate Warrior returned to WWE TV via the game. Sting finally was brought into the WWE family by first being introduced in a video game commercial.

Once thought impossible, this deal may be the first step for a familiar face to return into the spotlight. Even if it’s for one more match, It would be great to see Goldberg back in the ring. A true legend in the industry, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Goldberg and WWE’s new relationship.

Now… Listen his awesome music and hum along, you know you want to.


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