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WWE suspends Roman Reigns 30 days for Wellness Policy Violation

I’m sure you’ve already hear this joke by now: He’s not a good guy, he’s not a bad guy, he’s THE suspended guy.

In absolutely shocking news, it was announced today by WWE that they suspended Roman Reigns for thirty days. The suspension is a result of his first violation of the company’s wellness policy. This comes a day after Reigns was put in a triple threat match for the WWE World Title at WWE Battleground. Reigns went on Twitter to make the following announcement:


I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Reigns is considered WWE’s / Vince McMahon’s new golden boy, having been a three-time WWE Champion already. The first clue to this news could have been when Seth Rollins defeated him this past Sunday at Money in the Bank for the title, only for Dean Ambrose to win it from Rollins a few minutes later. A situation like this could result in a lack of trust in Roman, or at least a rough few months once he comes back.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the company knew ahead of Sunday’s PPV of his violation, but they didn’t make news of it until today. For all we know Reigns didn’t realize what he took was banned, but its hard to tell right now. It is interesting to point out that Battleground is in 33 days (July 24th), which gives Reigns enough time to wrestle in the main event that Sunday (if WWE keeps to their plan). A downside is that he will miss a full month of TV to hype the match up. He will also miss the WWE Draft that will take place on SmackDown on July 19th. It is unknown how the news will affect the companies plans for him moving forward. It wouldn’t shock me if Roman was to stay in the main event at Battleground, no matter how much it may hurt the company.

If WWE were to keep Roman in the main event after his suspension is complete, fan reaction may be even more sour compared to when he was champion. Various fans around the web may say it wouldn’t be fair for someone in his situation to return into the limelight right away. There are wrestlers who may agree with those fans. It is quite the media circus for WWE right now. The company has thirty days to come up with a solution to this problem. Until then, we found out that not even Roman Reigns is untouchable.

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