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Yankees GBU – Bye, Bye Birdies

There’s no reason to do a full GBU when the Yankees completely annihilated the Baltimore Orioles.  Instead, for one time and one time only we will just go through some of the most ridiculous stats from the series with the O’s.  Please note that all of these stats are independent research.  As always thank you to the great people who have these stats, especially Katie Sharp.


This is similar to the stat that more Yankees have hit home runs at Camden Yards (17) than Orioles have (15).  When guys like Kyle Higashioka and Mike Ford are stroking the ball out of the park, you know you’re in trouble.

Another ridiculous stat.  The Yankees have almost as many HOME RUNS as the Orioles have runs total in their matchups at Camden Yards.  The Yankees could have hit only home runs during their ten games and would have only lost one game (depending on how the runs were spread out).

Those other two teams were pretty decent.  One was Murderer’s Row (1927) and the other swept the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series (1939).  It’s good company to keep.

Just another example of how dominant the Yankees were against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.  It’s almost impossible to think that either A) a team can be so bad or B) a team can be so dominant against another professional team.

And my personal favorite…..

This stat is literally laugh out loud funny.  The 2019 Yankees against the Orioles have the fourth highest slugging percentage in Major League Baseball history.  It’s even more impressive that it is a collective effort, not an individual like Gleyber Torres or Gary Sanchez.  Having everyone on the team mash home runs against the O’s, regardless of how bad they’ve been this season, is extremely impressive.


The Yankees took down the Orioles last series in historic fashion.  The starting pitching was alright (James Paxton was good) and the bullpen was good, but the story of the series was of course the offense.  The Yankees mashed, they swept the Orioles and they’re onto Toronto.



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