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Yankees GBU – Double the trouble, Double the fun

The New York Yankees had a case of the soggy sorrows on Monday and Tuesday night, as both games were rained out and re-scheduled.  Monday’s game was cancelled after much deliberation and an extended rain delay.  The grounds crew kept trying to get the game in, but the field wasn’t cooperating and it had to be called due to poor field conditions.  Tuesday night it just would not stop raining and the game was immediately called.

Regardless, Monday’s game was made up as part of a single admission doubleheader and Tuesday’s game will be made up on August 12th in the Yankees’ next series with the Orioles.  The doubleheader was a remarkable success for the Yankees as they took both games.


The Good

It’s Gleyber Day!

Gleyber Torres had a monstrous doubleheader on Wednesday, going 3-for-8 in the contest.  The best part?  All three hits were home runs.  Gleyber deposited two into the seats in the first game and another in game two.

Two of Torres’ home runs were moonshots, reaching the depths of Monument Park in straightaway center.  Over the past 16 games Torres has batted .349 and has been one of the Yankees’ best players over the past two weeks.  Essentially when Luke Voit cooled down, Torres heated up.  In addition to being a stud with the stick, Torres has played excellent defense.  Being a natural shortstop hasn’t stopped him from excelling at both short and second base.  His defense is second to none and he’s been very smooth of late.

German cruises to another victory

Quick question;  Who has the most wins in the MLB right now?  Is it Justin Verlander?  How about Zack Greinke?  Has Clayton Kershaw picked up enough steam yet?  Well if you guessed any of the usual suspects, you’d be wrong.  The pitcher with the most victories happens to be on the Yankees, and it’s Domingo German.

German has become the hero the Yankees needed with the injuries to Luis Severino and James Paxton.  He has more than picked up the slack and has become THE guy while the rest of the staff has been up and down.  He picked up his eight victory on Wednesday night and dropped his ERA down to 2.50.  His seven innings of six hit and one run ball is just another example of hot dominant he can be.  His eight strikeouts were a season high and he has the ability to hit double digits.

The Bad

Boone may have overtaxed the bullpen?

Really the only negative in a brief two game series was the questionable decision made by Manager Aaron Boone.  His decision to pull J.A. Happ after less than 70 pitches and 5 1/3 innings.  Happ wasn’t great, giving up five hits and three runs in his time on the mound.  However, Boone knew that this was game one of a doubleheader and he needed to “preserve” his bullpen.

There are two schools of thought on this;  The first is the thought that you do everything in your power to win this game and worry about the next game when the next game starts.  Happ wasn’t sharp and the Yankees needed to get out of a jam to keep the lead in the first game.  The second thought is that even though you need to win the game, you absolutely cannot take your pitcher out with such few pitches.  You see what he has and if he gets in any trouble, then you turn to the bullpen.

The answer probably lies somewhere in between but regardless everything worked out for the better.  The Yankees won both games, didn’t have to overtax their bullpen, and Happ still got the victory.  If Happ had continued in the game and given up a two run home run, Yankee fans would have screamed murder.  If Adam Ottavino had done the same, Yankee fans would have screamed murder.

The Ugly

Miguel Andujar out for season

It was inevitable but it was officially ruled that Miguel Andujar will have season ending surgery to repair a slightly torn labrum.  It’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s absolutely the right move.  The longer the Yankees waited to have the surgery, the longer the rehab would be and the less chance that Andujar would be available for the beginning of the season.

He tried playing through it but he just didn’t look the same.  The Yankees have Gio Urshela, Thiaro Estrada, D.J. Lemahieu and Gleyber Torres to fill in at various positions in the infield.  Didi Gregorius will hopefully join the team midway through the season, so they have plenty of options to replace Andujar.

Miggy is one of the Yankees’ best players but he just needs to get healthy and not try to be a hero this season.  He was incredible last season and will hopefully be just as good when he’s fully healthy.  Once again, it’s a tough loss but it is absolutely necessary.


It’s a fine line when working through a doubleheader but the Yankees did just about everything right.  The offense was buzzing for just long enough, they got hits when they needed to and Aroldis Chapman even got two saves out of it!  The Yankees looked great in this abbreviated series and it was just what the doctor ordered.  If the Yankees are going to win the division, they need to beat teams like Baltimore.  So far, they’ve won the last five meetings against them.

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