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Yankees Hot Corner – Is Clint Frazier the forgotten man on the roster?

I was waiting until Bryce Harper or Manny Machado signed but since that probably isn’t happening any time soon, here we are just days out from Spring Training. Spring Training is one of the best times of the year because it shows that Spring is coming soon and so is baseball.

The New York Yankees are ready to take the field locked and loaded, bolstering up their pitching staff with the acquisition of James Paxton, strengthening their already stout bullpen with the addition of Adam Ottavino, and getting great depth up the middle with DJ Lemaheiu and Trou Tulowitzki. They aren’t Harper or Machado, but all the additions to this team have been solid.

There’s also one addition to this team that no one seems to be talking about and that could be THE breakout rookie of the Yankees. His name is Clint Frazier and for the first time in nearly a full year, he is healthy and ready to compete for the starting left field spot.

He will most likely be in a race with Giancarlo Stanton unless another move is made. Brett Gardner is a depth signing at this point in his career and Stanton is a great hitter but sometimes goes on adventures in the outfield.

The left field battle will come down to two things; the consistent production of the two players and the true health of Clint Frazier. Sure Frazier has been cleared to play after suffering a nasty lingering concussion last season, but does that mean that he won’t immediately bang his head again? No one knows for sure so Frazier better hope he stays healthy and produces immediately.

Clint Frazier has all the tools to be a star on this Yankees team but his body has failed him time in and time out. He was rolling when he was first called up but that was short lived. He hasn’t put together a full season in either the minors or majors for the Yankees, and if he’s ever going to be a part of this team he needs to start now.

The job in left field is wide open so it’s a perfect opportunity for him to seize it and become the next Miguel Andujar or Gleyber Torres. All he has to do is produce and stay on the field long enough to take it.

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