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Yankees Hot Corner – The Yankees’ defense is atrocious

Tuesday night was just another example of this, but the Yankees’ defense has been absolutely horrible lately.  It’s been bad since Aaron Boone has taken over as manager and has cost them multiple games.  Here are just a few lowlights from last night;

  • Clint Frazier drops two balls in left field by making plays harder than they need to be
  • Clint Frazier subsequently lets a ball that could have been caught fall in front of him
  • Clint Frazier overthrows the cutoff man by about 50 feet (no exaggeration)
  • Gleyber Torres and Jonathan Loaisiga both try to cover third base on a single through the shift
  • Austin Romine with two passed balls and overall complete lack of concentration

The amount of bad baseball being played by a good team is infuriating.  Mind you that we haven’t even mentioned any of the offensive mistakes over the past couple weeks, including Brett Gardner not running out a bunt because he thought it was foul and essentially ending a rally on Tuesday night with a double play.

Boone is not the manager the Yankees need right now because he’s all about analytics and so much less about true fundamentals.  Miguel Andujar isn’t a good third baseman (even though he’s hurt right now), Gleyber Torres can’t catch a pickoff throw at second, and the Yankees are one of the worst defensive teams in baseball.

Trust me in a few days if the ship isn’t righted, there will be a very length article on the incompetence of Aaron Boone.  Houston has been a house of horrors for the Yankees, but it’s really just a highlight of what’s been going on for months;  The Yankees need to get back to basics and learn how to catch and throw.  There have been too many squandered opportunities to either hold leads or win games because of the defense, and at this point it is the Yankees’ Achilles Heel.

What do the Yankees need to do to correct this?  Quit relying so much on analytics and some overly produced practice and have some practice on ground balls, pop flies and cutoffs.  For a professional baseball team, the Yankees sure look like amateurs out there in the field.  It needs to change now before they put themselves in a deeper hole.

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