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Why the Yankees should not trade David Robertson

Amidst all the rumors, the Yankees should be looking to keep one of their most reliable relievers in Robertson

For the first time in what seems to be an eternity, the New York Yankees are a favorite to win the World Series. The Yankees came within a game of the World Series last season after overachieving, in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. The team made smart moves to re-tool on the fly, including a trade that returned Todd Frazier and David Robertson to the Yankees from the Chicago White Sox.

While Frazier has moved on to the other team in town, Robertson is still an integral part of the Yankees bullpen. The Bronx Bombers are searching for another starting pitcher and a legitimate second basemen but aren’t willing to pay the big bucks for them. Their only real option would be through a trade, but David Robertson should not be in those discussions.

Here are a few reasons why the Yankees shouldn’t part ways with Robertson:

He’s Used To The Pressure

David Robertson is a gamer. He is a World Series champion with the Yankees, and between his two stints has seen every possible situation. People may question how much “experience” plays into keeping Robertson, but having Robertson mentor young studs like Chad Green and Adam Warren is crucial.

This Yankees team will have more pressure to succeed than any team since the dynasty Yankees of the ’90s. Robertson was the heart and soul of the team in clutch situations during the playoffs last year. The Yankees leaned on him when Dellin Betances was unusable and they needed multiple innings of relief. If the team is going to make a run at the World Series, they need a guy like Robertson to guide them there. His performance in Game 5 of the ALDS alone is all the proof you need.


He’s As Versatile As Ever

As discussed earlier, Robertson was the MVP of ALDS Game 5.  What we didn’t discuss was that he came into that game in the 5th inning.  Robertson became the glue guy of the Yankees’ bullpen, coming into the game in every situation possible. He could close one day and pitch three middle innings the next.

The reason why Robertson is so versatile is because he has a positive attitude about it all.  He is very much a “team first” guy. Most natural closers would have fought tooth and nail to be “the guy” and would pout when they were demoted. Robertson relished at the opportunity to be the utility bullpen guy. He even went as far as letting then-manager Joe Girardi know that he was willing to pitch whenever he was needed.

They Need Him In Case Someone Falters

The Yankees had one of the best bullpens in the league last year. The combination of Betances, Tommy Kahnle, Robertson, and Aroldis Chapman was deadly. Add in long-relief specialists in Green and Warren and you have the most formidable bullpen in Major League Baseball. As good as all of this may look on paper, the Yankees were not the most consistent group. There was a two month stretch towards the end of the season where Betances could not throw a strike. During the dog days of summer it looked like Chapman had blown out his arm. Kahnle was fantastic for the Yankees last season but who knows if he can keep it up this year.

With the lineup the Yankees have they should be willing to sacrifice their second or third base position to keep their bullpen in tact. Gleyber Torres will be up in the big leagues soon enough. I personally believe Miguel Andujar will be the answer at third base, even if it may take a few months. Trading David Robertson for a fill-in at one of those positions is not the answer. Having Robertson as the grizzled vet of your bullpen and the mentor to your young group of relievers is.

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