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Alex Rodriguez Is Back And Finally Has Support

Rodriguez surpassed Willie Mays on the MLB’s career home run list.

Alex Rodriguez takes a curtain call after hitting his 661st career home run at Yankee Stadium on May 7, 2015. A-Rod passed Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time HRs list. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez takes a curtain call after hitting his 661st career home run at Yankee Stadium on May 7, 2015. A-Rod passed Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time HRs list. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


It sounded like a party in the Bronx Thursday night.  Fans were out of their seats cheering and snapping pictures as Alex Rodriguez trotted around the bases.  It was a scene from back in 2007 when Alex Rodriguez was the Yankees go-to slugger.  The third baseman with one of the best bats in baseball, finally got the respect he desperately deserved.

Rodriguez made history Thursday night, surpassing Willie Mays on the MLB’s career home run list with number 661.

Rodriguez has seven homers on the season already, and the way he has been hitting the ball, he knew this milestone was coming, what he did not know was what was coming next.

Since the PED biogenesis scandal, Rodriguez’s name has been mocked and booed.   When Rodriguez showed up to spring training there was not one positive thing about him in the news.  “He looks out of shape”, “he’ll be a waste,” “the highest paid bench warmer,” you name it, it was said about him.

GM Brian Cashman stated in an interview with Bruce Beck prior to the season, that the Yankees were preparing for the worst with Rodriguez’s return to Pinstripes.

Rodriguez had few supporters on his side, the Yankees included with the doubters.  All of the preseason doubt, the internet memes, seems to have created fuel for Rodriguez and the 39-year-old is back fully rejuvenated.

Rodriguez clobbered his record breaking homerun over center field and it sounded the way it should when such a talented part of the Yankee Organization made history.

After stepping on home plate and celebrating with his teammates, the fans wanted more they cheered and cheered wanting a curtain call from a player they wanted nothing to do with back in September.  Rodriguez came out for his curtain call and his face and post-game interviews truly show just how appreciative the almost 40-year-old slugger is.

“I actually thought the days of curtain calls for me were long gone.  A year ago today, I never thought I would ever get a curtain call or be hitting in the middle of the lineup for the New York Yankees,” said Rodriguez.

“I’ve said it all along: The league, the Yankees, the fans- nobody owes me anything.  I’m just grateful to be playing baseball.”

Little by little Yankee fans have opened their arms out to Rodriguez again.  After an impressive spring training, fans realized maybe we need to give him another shot and he was not booed the way one would have thought on Opening Day.

Each game fans have turned around more and more welcoming their once beloved third baseman and cheering for his success.  Granted, what fan wouldn’t cheer for their slugger who is batting .245 with 7 homers 18 RBI’s and a .883 on base percentage?

Rodriguez has proved himself early this season, earning his spot back in the middle of the lineup he served his punishment and finally baseball is allowing him to be great again.

What Rodriguez did was wrong, but people make mistakes, he was not the only player using PED’s he also was not the only player on the list at the Biogenesis office in Miami.  He grew up during the steroid era.  When he was just starting was when steroid usage was at a high.  He was raised in a different era of baseball.

Baseball is all Rodriguez knows, say what you want about him, he loves the game of baseball.  It takes great courage to come out and play after all of the public humiliation he faced especially at his age.  Deep down he knew he could do it, but that what if factor would cause many people to quit.  Throw in the towel and say my time is done, but Rodriguez did not let that get a hold of him.  He came back to the MLB to play baseball, not for anyone but himself and here he is approaching his 40th birthday and analysts are already posing the topic of how many home runs will he have.  Rodriguez’s bat has some sort of magic added to it and finally a huge part of baseball is back.

Rodriguez has the Yankees in first place of the AL East division and has continued to be the main attraction. The team will finish up a four game home series this weekend against the Orioles before heading back out onto the road. They will return home May 22nd for six home games, three against the Texas Rangers and three against the Kansas City Royals. The cheapest ticket is for the May 27th afternoon game against the Royals with tickets starting at just $4 and an average price of $42.

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It’s been a good run for Rodriguez thus far.  If he can continue his success, there’s no telling how far his redemption story will continue.

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