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Tim Peel is Discharged After Caught on Hot Mic

Tim Peel was Discharged from the NHL After He was Caught on the Hot Mic:

Tim Peel has been officiating hockey since October 1999. Peel has officiated games like the 90 Stanley Cup, Sochi Olympics in 2014, in 2012 he was the referee for the NHL All-Star Game, and in 2007 and 2017 he did the Winter Classics. In total, according to the NHL Officials Association website Peel worked 1,334 regular-season games and about 90 playoff games.  Tim is 54 years old and he was making plans next month to retire, but his career would end by him getting fired publicly and shamefully.

On Tuesday, Peel and Ice Hockey Official Kelly Sutherland both were referees for the Predators vs. Red Wings. Tim had his microphone on at one point during the game and he was unaware that it was picking up what he was saying. The NHL found out that Tim was trying to make an unfair call against Nashville. Five minutes into the second period Nashville’s forward Viktor Arvidsson had a penalty towards him for tripping someone on the other team. It was after that the mic picked up what Peel said, “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a f** penalty against Nashville early in the,” it was then his microphone was cut off.

The NHL has zero-tolerance for Tim’s behavior and they want to do everything in their power to protect the integrity of the game. Moments, after the game was over the NHL, investigated the comments that were made by Tim. They announced that he would no longer be officiating for the NHL. It is a shame that Tims’s career ended this way, but there are certain principles that referees should respect and follow.

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