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gyms, woman standing surrounded by exercise equipment
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash


Gyms Became More Innovative Since Pandemic

A New Way Of Working Out at the Gyms:

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, and the fitness industry was forced to change the way they run. The whole fitness industry has changed, and some not for the better. Many gyms closed from the pandemic and now suffer the consequences. People have switched to at-home gym equipment, and no longer need to go to the gym. The problem with this is now gyms are opening back up, and their customers have adjusted to the change.

Gyms are opening back up but this time it’s outdoors. The fitness industry has to create ways to be safe and keep their customers socially distant from each other. The workouts are going outside from; mall parking lots, to parks, and now

at-home! Outside people are able to stay apart while also being able to work out at their gym.

At-Home Exercise has Taken Over the Fitness Industry:

Peloton, which is at-home exercise equipment that has been doing very well since the pandemic. Users get a bike that is in their homes and can follow a workout with a trainer. Now there isn’t any need to go out. CNBC states, “According to its second-quarter earnings release, Peloton reported more than two million members as of the end of its second fiscal quarter on Dec. 31, and its quarterly revenue grew 77% to $466.3 million.” The peloton was able to use the at-home policy to its advantage, and the industry is expected to be booming in the coming years.

Companies like Peloton have been hurting the gyms because people want to be safe, and if they have the option to work out at home they would. According to RunRepeat, “More than 38,000 gyms and health clubs have been closed down because of the virus as of May 2020 [Harrison Co., May 2020].”

A lot of gyms have been shutting down because of the virus, and many people have canceled memberships. The future for the fitness business might be from home, so industries must come up with ways to keep customers coming.

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