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JohnnyVTV’s 2021 MLB NL Futures Bets and Predictions

As promised, we find ourselves dabbling in part 2 of my MLB predictions for the upcoming season. After covering the expected weaker conference of the two, we explore the National League. Filled with a few new stars and astronomical goals, the NL is poised to set off some fireworks in 2021.

Next up, it’s every NL team’s projected win total (and more) via FanDuel Sports Book.

Atlanta Braves 91.5 UNDER -122
One of the deadliest lineups in the entire MLB, Atlanta has nearly broken through each of the past couple of seasons. They’ve been a looming threat on the horizon that cannot go unnoticed. With one of the best players in baseball only continue to improve in Ronald Acuna Jr., the Braves have a realistic chance to run with the bulls in a loaded conference. However, my true concerns rely in the pitching staff.

Not that it’s bad by any stretch, but it doesn’t tickle my fancy the way the Mets or Nationals do. Don’t get me wrong, I think Atlanta has a great season, but like the Twins their total is pretty high, and 91 games is a fantastic season.

Miami Marlins 73.5 OVER -110
For a team largely consisting of players many have never heard of, this Marlins roster is solid. In last year’s 60 game sprint, Miami just edged out a plus .500 finish, good for 2nd place in the NL East. They took many people by surprise, which is unlikely to happen in 2021. While it would definitely be a shock for them to be in the playoff mix this season, winning between 75-80 games for what should be a rebuilding roster would not. Let’s run it back, Miami.

New York Mets 91 OVER- 110
Is the time finally here? Are we about to witness a Mets contending ball club? Brand new billionaire owner, Steve Cohen, pulled out all the stops to ensure his Mets would have what they need to deliver a championship to Queens, NY. In a fleece with Cleveland, he managed to secure superstar SS Francisco Lindor and starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco to solidify the roster.

With a top rotation headed by arguably the best pitcher in the league, Jacob Degrom, NYM is poised to take a quantum leap forward in 2021. 95 wins and a WHOLE LOT MORE is my bet.

Philadelphia Phillies 81.5 OVER- 116
Let’s try this again. The true name of this team should be the Philadelphia Underachievers since that’s exactly what they are. Do you know the last time they cracked a record north of .500? 2011. TWENTY ELEVEN….! Yes, I know… unbelievable. With some of the lineups they’ve had over the years, especially as of recent this team still cannot get out of their own way. However, I am in a generous mood.

On paper, this roster is certainly capable of reaching the postseason. No, I don’t think they will since their conference and division are too strong, BUT Philly will certainly leave it all out there this season. After all, 82-80 is an above average finish…. And enough to hit the over.

Washington Nationals 84 OVER -110

Surprise. More of a sleeper team in the NL this season, Washington poses as a true threat. Not kidding. While mostly everybody is fawning over the Braves and Mets (Yes, I’m guilty as well), the Nats are being slept on…. But why? As it stands, their pitching is supposed to be fully healthy with the return of Stephen Strasburg along with their starting lineup. While the lineup is not exactly that of the Braves, it’s pretty strong.

And with a fully healthy rotation that delivers to its capability, this Washington team can be a tough out coming down the stretch. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this team beat out the Braves for a Wild Card spot come late September.

NL Central:
Chicago Cubs 78.5 OVER -110
Still a serviceable squad, the Cubs don’t exactly look like the World Series Champions from 2016. While they still posses some firepower, it’s difficult envisioning them wreaking havoc even in their own division. There have been rumors floating around at the possibility of star 3B Kris Bryant being traded, but that’s for another day. All things being equal, the projected 78.5 wins is fair estimate, as I see this ball club at just right around average.

Cincinnati Reds 81.5 UNDER -110
For years, I’ve been wanting this team to be good because for whatever reason they can be so much fun to watch at times. That being said, there’s something missing in this organization. Consisting of some real firepower both in the lineup and staff (despite the loss of reigning Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer), the Reds cannot seem to elevate themselves to the next step. Yes, I realize in 2020 they were a playoff team, but the last time they made it during a real regular season was 2013. Cincy has not advanced past the NLDS since 1995. While there is a lot to like about this team, we can’t view them as contenders just yet.

Milwaukee Brewers 82 OVER -116
One of the few teams in the MLB that usually seem to take 162 games down to the wire, the Brewers are exciting to watch. As a playoff organization for the past 3 seasons, Milwaukee has proven they are capable of being in the mix come the end of September/early October. Saturated with a good distribution of young talent and depth, we should fully expect to see the Brew Crew competing for the NL Central crown at the end of the regular season. Who knows, maybe we’ll need a game 163 to decide this division.

Pittsburgh Pirates 58.5 UNDER -110
HAHAAHA… nah I don’t want to talk about them. Ok fine, twist my arm. Projected to be the worst team in baseball by a healthy margin, the Pittsburgh Pirates are the definition of a rebuild. If you’re having trouble identifying most of their roster outside of Gregory Polanco, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Not winning 60 games in the MLB is laughable, but I’m not sure the Pirates make it. It’s going to be a long season for the Burgh.

St. Louis Cardinals 86 OVER -122
The red birds of the Mid West appear on my radar just about every season. After the huge addition of one of the most productive Third basemen in the last *checks calculator*… ever in Nolan Arenado, the Cards are poised to make not only a run in their truly up-for-grabs division, but conference as well. As one of the more consistent teams in the NL for the past decade plus, they don’t have much to show for it since their 2011 World Series Championship season.

The lineup should be strong, even with the loss of underrated asset Kolten Wong, but the Achilles heel may yet again be their pitching. Behind Jack Flaherty, there’s a lot of question marks. Still, I project this team to win 88 games and be in position to break through a difficult conference.

NL West:
Arizona Diamondbacks 74.5 UNDER -110
Once every five years or so, the Arizona Diamondbacks put out a roster that is good enough to make it at least to the NLDS. Excluding 2020, they’re coming off a strong string of seasons from 2017-2019 where they averaged nearly 87 wins a year. With a sneaky good roster mix of solid veterans and young players, Arizona could once again become a playoff team…in a couple seasons.

It seems like the D Backs have decided to swing a little bit closer to the rebuild side than contending one after trading off some of their better players in recent years. Unlikely to see them hit the 75-win total with the Padres and Dodgers in their division.

Colorado Rockies 63.5 UNDER -110
After shipping Nolan Arenado to St. Louis, the Rockies will have to rely on SS Trevor Story and OF Charlie Blackmon for steady run support. That said, it will be hard to rely on the Rockies for anything in 2021 as they project to be one of the worst teams in baseball. Like the D Backs, they will be forced to compete in a division with two of the MLB’s biggest powerhouses, so it’s unreasonable to expect much from this team.

Los Angeles Dodgers 103.5 OVER -110
The reigning World Series Champs only improved this off-season adding Trevor Bauer. The true definition of an All-Star roster, the Dodgers proved money does in fact grow on trees. 2020 finally proved to be the season they shredded their “choke artist” label after failing to break through since their last Championship all the way back in 1988. 104 wins is a ton, and I usually don’t like projecting that many, but with no weak spots in sight, it’s a realistic goal for the best team in baseball. Many expect to see them in the thick of it come October.

San Diego Padres 94.5 OVER -110
The overwhelming center of attention for the league, the Padres are a star attraction for many. The new face of baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr. makes the game exciting to watch as he anchors down a potent lineup searching to destroy opposing pitchers.

Like the Dodgers, this team has few weak spot, which is a strong reason why bettors are looking for this team to at least reach the NLCS for the first time since 1998. Featuring several new additions like Blake Snell and Yu Darvish, San Diego is ready to make a splash in 2021. Again, 95 wins is a lot, but it’s certainly a realistic expectation.

San Francisco Giants 75 Under -110
Possessing a small handful of talented players, the Giants still have the ability to flash potential here and there. The issue is this nothing close to the contending rosters of the late 2000’s to mid-2010’s. Not exactly a total rebuild, but not a winning mold either, the Giants are stuck somewhere in the middle. With a highly unlikely shot to secure a postseason berth, San Fran will be battling for third place in the NL West. Although 76 wins is not out of the question.

Division Winners:
NL East: New York Mets +130
NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals +105
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers -300

AWARD Winners:

NL MVP: Francisco Lindor +1200
NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer +1000
NL ROY: Sixto Sanchez +450
NL Manager of the Year: Luis Rojas +900

Stay tuned for the World Series Predictions.

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John Venezia is JDF Sports lead bettor on NFL and MLB, while also contributing extensively for fantasy football. He operates a self-created video segment on his Instagram account, @JohnnyVTV called the Weekly Taste, where he locks in all of the best NFL bets of the week.

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