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Whoop Rewards Employees With $100 Each Month To Sleep

Whoop is a fitness company that has software and wearables that track physical activity including, sleep. Employees are in charge of developing the software, wearables, and computing the biometrics. One thing that employees have to do is, meeting a certain sleep threshold. They pay their employees’ $100 each month if they meet this threshold. They don’t access employees sleep data unless it for bonus eligibility.

Whoop Employee Benefits

If the biometrics shows that an employee is physically drained or with a weakened immune system are asked to work from home. This policy that the company implemented to look out for their best interests. This policy is an amazing idea because it keeps employees safe if they’re any issues with them that they might not know. The software tracks biometric such as heart rate and muscle strain. This information can see how fatigued someone is.

Whoop became popular for developing an algorithm that can detect pre-symptomatic COVID-19 20% of the time and symptomatic COVID-19 80% of the time. Many athletes from all sports began using Whoop and started using their gear to track their health and make sure they aren’t getting sick. This invention is innovative for sports because it tracks athletes’ health and well-being, so they won’t have issues without knowing about them.

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