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Gronkowski, NFT
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Rob Gronkowski Gets In On NFT Collection Movement, Becomes First Athlete To Do So

Gronkowski NFTs will not include NFL team logos.

Fresh off his latest Super Bowl victory, Rob Gronkowski announced his own Championship Series NFT Collection minted on the blockchain. Created by one of Gronk’s favorite artists, Black Madre, the NFT series celebrates the tight end’s four Super Bowl championships (XLIX, LI, LIII, LV) and legendary career highlights with five different trading cards.

No Logo On Gronkowski NFT

Gronkowski NFTs will not include NFL team logos as OpenSea does not have licensing permission from the league. The hand illustrations will emulate iconic plays made from Super Bowls he participated in, and Gronkowski will sign the digital cards.

“With the rapid success of NFT’s across platforms like NBA Topshop and Opensea, I wanted to take the business into my own hands and be the first professional athlete to launch my own NFT collection. Now fans will be able to get a piece of the action and share these iconic Super Bowl moments with me in this all-new digital format with my Championship Series NFT.” said Gronkowski. 

The collection will be available on starting at 7 pm ET on Thursday, March 11th. For more information on the cards and the auction, please visit Who’s getting in on this latest new swag?!

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