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MadFit Dance Workout Videos — Fitness Fun for All

MadFit videos are hosted by Maddie Lymburner, an uber-popular fitness influencer from Ontario.

With March weather being its unpredictable self, I found myself looking for more indoor workouts this past week. I was riding a 10-day workout streak — go me! But I was getting a little tired of the same mat-and-weight routine, and one day I found myself unwilling to lug my weights down from the second floor, and in search of something a little more lighthearted.

Dance workout videos seemed to fit the bill. 

My go-to for these days is MadFit Dance Workouts. If you’re looking for a challenging, yet fun, workout that requires minimal space and equipment, you’ll want to check it out too. 

There are videos of various lengths that set choreographed moves to popular songs. Some of them are themed–90’s Dance Workouts,TIk Tok Dance Party,One Direction, and even Justin Bieber, for the very brave. My favorite part is that the real version of the song is played, not a cheesy cover or karaoke version, which I find to be a pleasant surprise when accessing free content on YouTube. 

Because the video themes are diverse, they appeal to a wide audience. The moves are challenging yet easy to follow. Most workouts are low impact, so they are suitable for apartment dwellers who want to be courteous to downstairs neighbors. 

Maddie Lymburner Hosts MadFit

The videos are hosted by Maddie Lymburner, an uber-popular fitness influencer from Waterdown, Ontario. In fact, Lymburner is Canada’s top YouTube creator. She has over 5 million subscribers to her MadFit YouTube channel. 

If your diet is in need of a tune-up in addition to your workout routine, you may want to check out Lymburner’s recipe blog as well. Lymburner is a vegan, but photos of her culinary creations have universal appeal–homemade vegan waffles, sweet potato tacos, and easy vegetable curry. 

You can follow Maddie Lymburner on Instagram here.

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Elizabeth DiPietro

Liz DiPietro has been a staff writer for In The Zone since 2011. She is a New York City public school teacher working at a middle school in Brooklyn, NY. Liz has a Master's of Creative Writing from Queens College and a Master's of Special Education from the College of Staten Island. She is a diehard Yankees, Knicks, and Jets fan and exercise enthusiast. Liz lives in Staten Island, NY with her husband Dave and 2-year-old son Christopher.

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