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Tim Tebow (Forbes)

Tim Tebow (Forbes)

The Tim Tebow experiment is officially over…for now. Newsday was the first to report that Tebow would be moved down to the Mets’ low Class A affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina. From there, the Mets will be able to keep track of his progress in the case he was to be moved up in the system.

Tebow’s short time with the Mets was an interesting one to say the least. At first looked at as a PR move, Tebow surprisingly helped make the Mets’ Spring Training a memorable one. Any move he made, fans would give him a standing ovation. Even if he struck out (which he did quite a few times), fans admired the effort he gave.

How much effort has Tim Tebow actually put into his time with the team? For one thing, we found out he will go above and beyond to make a great catch in the outfield.

How did he do with his bat? Well, at the beginning it was obvious he was not going to be the next Babe Ruth. As he got more comfortable, Tebow adapted. In 20 at bats (7 games), Tebow ended up with a .200 average and 4 hits. While that doesn’t seem like much, he did hustle each and every time. It’s certainly not a good stat to have, but it’s a start.

GM Sandy Alderson admired the effort Tebow gave during his run. Speaking to Newsday, Sandy stated:

“He’s obviously very athletic and he has adapted very quickly. His approach at the plate is very solid. He doesn’t chase pitches. People might say his swing is a little long, but the swing is professional. When he’s made contact, it’s often been hard contact . . . Defensively, it’s still a work in progress, but it’s adequate. He’s made some nice plays, again demonstrating the athleticism that everybody’s seen he has.”

Here is a small negative: As the World Baseball Classic began, several players left the team in order to represent their countries. During that time, the Mets cut players on their roster and transferred them to the minor league affiliate they were designed to go to. Amed Rosario was one of those players. Did Tebow need to play if he wasn’t in any long-term plans for the Mets? Probably not, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Tebow might be as green as grass, but his desire to learn has led the 29-year old to where he is today. I recently stated he had no shot in making the Opening Day roster. Does he have a chance in making it up to the big leagues at any point in the season? Probably not, but all eyes will be on him just in case.

Whether we like it or not, Tim Tebow played for a major league club against major league teams. If he can improve his swing and relax, there is no telling what else he can do. The past few weeks actually happened, all we can do is drink it in.

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