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unnamedWhat if I told you that the new hero and voice of the New York Jets fan base was a sarcastic 19 year-old from Long Island? Don’t believe me? Well then, let me tell you a story.

It’s been almost two weeks since the NFL Draft and the new additions to the New York Jets roster have already attended their rookie minicamp. Most Jets fans are pretty happy with results of April’s draft. Obviously, there was still a little bit of disagreement between the fans on some picks, but it wouldn’t be the Jets if there wasn’t. However, the one pick that every Jets fan agrees on is that they are happy to have LSU’s Jamal Adams as a new member of gang green.

After the draft concluded, a story broke that I’m sure every Jets fan saw. Some unsung hero (with more free time and will power than I’ll ever understand) direct messaged the Jets on Twitter practically every day from January until the draft, letting them know that they should take Jamal Adams with the sixth pick. The story was everywhere! It was picked up by Bleacher Report and there was even a small shout-out on the NFL Network about it. But there was still a question on everyone’s mind: who is this super hero known only as @KyleTeichert? Well, like any good superhero story, we need to start with an origin.

Kyle Teichert, a Jets fan since 2003, is a resident of Nesconset, NY on Long Island. Like most true Gang Green faithful, the curse of being a Jets fan was passed onto him by his father, Todd. The 2016 season was a painful one for Teichert. He is a huge Geno Smith fan and his biggest apologist. As we all know, Geno’s season was a bad one. He only played in two games before tearing his ACL against the Baltimore Ravens. As Teichert started to morn his fallen quarterback, he began to realize that the Jets were going to get a top-10 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. That’s when Teichert got the idea that he needed to help his beloved team in the draft process.

Kyle Teichert, the voice of the Jets fan base for his age group, was already an accomplished scout, although he had no experience playing the game, coaching it, or scouting it. Yet he was high on Dak Prescott last year and he wanted the Jets to take him. At that point though, General Manager Mike Maccagnan was unaware of this scouting prodigy he had in his fan base and decided to take Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg instead. 2017 was going to be different though. So Kyle Teichert—whether he was in his room, at a friend’s house, out at a party, or on the toilet—let the Jets know he had found the next great Jets player: safety Jamal Adams.

Then, what do you know?  The Jets listened and took the star defensive back out of Baton Rouge with the sixth pick. So how much of an influence did he have on this decision? Teichert, in the only modest moment of his life, said he probably thinks he had 0% to do with Maccagnan’s selection of Adams. But this writer, with his total on zero connections to the Jets’ front office believes it to be more like 90%. So what’s next for our hero? Teichert is hoping that Christian Hackenberg can turn out to be a success and he thinks Maccagnan did a pretty good job in this year’s draft. He has yet to hear from Jamal Adams, even though the safety owes a major debt to him. However, this writer wouldn’t be surprised if Teichert received a house or at least a new car from the safety for his unwavering devotion and dedication.

Although he has found VH1 reality star level fame, he doesn’t want to be the next Fireman Ed, stating that he wouldn’t want all of that attention, which this article will not help with. He has said that he would be willing to take a scouting position with the Jets, which Maccagnan would be a fool not to hop on. If that doesn’t happen though, Teichert will be there, the voice of the beaten down Jets fan, leading the team we all love towards the light with his enlightened insight of scouting players and his uncontrollable sarcastic nature. For he is the hero that Jets fans deserve. His target for next year’s draft: Penn State’s Saquon Barkley.



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