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Philadelphia Eagles – Super Bowl Champions!

Behind a superb performance by Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, the Eagles have finally won a Super Bowl

Through all of the pain they have endured over the years, the fans stayed true. Loyal to a fault, they knew their beloved Eagles would one day, hopefully, make it to the big one and win it all. Through head coaching changes, beloved players leaving and enough heartbreak to last a lifetime, the city of Philadelphia was waiting for it’s moment. Well, the waiting has finally ended. For the first time in their history, the Philadelphia Eagles can call themselves Super Bowl champions!

Coming into Super Bowl LII, there were doubts whether backup QB Nick Foles, who has bounced around the league the past few years, could handle the New England Patriots and the one-man machine in Tom Brady. There were also doubts whether former high school coach Doug Pederson could out-coach Bill Belichick. Unlike last year’s Super Bowl, there was no epic comeback for the Patriots. Belichick did not get called a genius for his superb coaching ability. Instead, the Eagles were able to exact their revenge from Super Bowl XXXIX and dethrone Brady and Belichick, 41-33. As a result, the City of Brotherly Love can feel a sense of pride for their beloved “Iggles”.

In a stadium primarily filled with Eagles fans, in Minnesota no less, the team played the aggressor early. They did so throughout the game, and wouldn’t stop until the clock reached zero. Both teams gave it their all as well, setting an NFL record with 1,151 total yards. Let’s check out some key highlights from the game:

Foles to the Rescue!

If he didn’t get injured in Week 14, who knows what QB Carson Wentz would be doing now. Would he have been able to lead the Eagles all the way to victory? We’ll never know, as Nick Foles stepped up in a big way. Throughout the playoffs, he played like he belonged as the starter. During the Super Bowl, he threw for 373 yards with three touchdown’s and one interception. With the call playing abilities of coach Pederson and the superb throwing ability of Trey Burton, Foles was even able to catch a football for one of the Eagles’ many touchdowns. it was a also a move that Brady himself could not muster.

In a game in which Tom Brady played like a true NFL MVP (505 yard, 3TDs, O INT), Foles reigned supreme!


LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long make history 

As former champions with the Patriots, Blount and Long were a big part of the Eagles’ run to the playoffs. After a few career years in New England, Blount found a way to zip through the Pats’ defense. He rushed for 90 yards on 14 carries, leading the team. While Long didn’t have a history-making moment on the field, off of it was where he made the most impact. He donated his 2017 salary to charities and to fund scholarships to schools in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

They are both in the history books as a result of a few interesting stats. They are the second teammates to win back-to-back Super Bowl’s on two different teams. The two are also the first pair to win a Super Bowl with one team and beat that same team the year after. Key parts of the team this season, Blount and Long have left an impact on this Eagles team that nobody can deny.

Role players became main attractions

In addition, various team favorites contributed in one way or anther. Deep in the first quarter, wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey caught the games first touchdown, a 34-yarder. It put the Eagles up early 9-3. Jeffrey ended the game with 73 yards.

Tight end Zach Ertz had quite a game. He had 67 important receiving yards, with one touchdown. He was involved in two key moments, one being a clutch catch on fourth down in the fourth quarter to extend the Eagles’ chances of survival. With 2:25 left in the fourth, he caught an 11-yard pass from Foles to extend the Eagles’ lead, 38-33. It would end up being one of the defining moments of the game.

Offensively, the team did it’s best. Defensively however was how the game truly came to an end. After the touchdown to Ertz, Brady had the ball with a few minutes left before the two-minute warning. Seemed like history wold repeat itself, right? If you said yes, you would be sadly mistaken. Defensive end Brandon Graham came through with a hit and a strip sack off of Brady. It was the first turnover of the game.



As a result, that one moment caused a chain reaction that would lead to the end of the Patriots’ chances of a victory.

Where was Butler?

A question on everyone’s minds (especially Patriots fans) was simple: What did Malcolm Butler do in order to be benched the entire Super Bowl? As ‘America the Beautiful’ was playing, Butler was visibly crying on the sideline. As the game went on, the hero of Super Bowl XLIX was nowhere to be found. It was unusual to see, especially considering he led the team in defensive snaps (97% of the team total) this season. Whatever the reason, Bill Belichick seemed content wth leaving Johnson Bademosi and Jordan Richards rather than Butler. Against an offense that put up over 374 receiving and 164 rushing yards, it was quite a gamble.

Through the moves and patience by owner Jeffrey Lurie, Pederson’s play calling, and Foles’ determination, the Eagles have reached the top of the mountain. The city will attempt to repair the damages done by fans celebrating, but they’ll do so with a small smirk on their face. Fans who have been with the team from the beginning have a little piece added to their lives that the Eagles never gave them before. Seems like ‘Brotherly Love’ is not just a slogan, but a reality.

The Philadelphia Eagles flew their way down the field, and snatched a Super Bowl trophy from the Patriots’ fingertips. Nick Foles becomes the second QB to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Giants QB Eli Manning is the first, and he did it twice. It’s a moment that Philadelphia will never forget. In the words of famed Eagles fan Bradley Cooper in the Philly-based film ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, “Excelsior!”

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