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The Main Event, Episode 23: Evan Ginzburg on ‘350 Days’

The life of a pro wrestler is not as magical as it is made out to be on TV. Once the camera’s stop rolling you realize they are normal people just like the rest of us. They do a lot of things normal people do like travel. They also suffer a great deal. That is what Evan Ginzburg’s 350 Days documentary looks to bring to light.

Evan was the associate producer of this documentary and the AP of The Wrestler, a film that became a true influence for the documentary being made. A pro wrestling fan and friends of wrestlers, Evan has talked with some of the top stars of yesteryear about how their lives have changed.

Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Greg Valentine, Wendi Richter, Billy Graham and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, among others, were interviewed to talk about the dark side of pro wrestling and the regrets they may or may not have had. An example includes one wrestler getting $400,000 to main event a show. Other examples include addiction, divorce, depression and even death.

350 Days debuted in various theaters via Fathom Events last year. The documentary is now available on iTunes. Ginzburg spoke to Dan Yanofsky, host of The Main Event, regarding the documentary and how there needs to be a change in pro wrestling. Talks of a wrestling union or health insurance, as pointed out on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, were brought up on 35o Days. Between WWE and AEW, there is an opportunity for it to finally happen. Whether it actually gets done universally is up in the air.

Check out the interview with Evan and don’t forget to check out 350 Days, an important documentary not just for wrestling fans.

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