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(Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

(Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Phillies have been up and down so far this season. With that being the case, they have had their fair share of players that have exceeded expectations so far. One of those players is outfielder, Aaron Altherr.

Going into this season, Altherr was probably considered to be nothing more than a utility player. He seemed like someone that could come in for a couple of games when a starter needed to take a couple of rest days. Now, it seems hard to keep him out of the lineup.

Currently Aaron is batting .338 and has been lights out in the field. His play is arguably the second best on the entire team. If it were not for how well Cesar Hernandez is player, Altherr would be this team’s MVP.

Aaron has shown a knack for coming up big both defensively and offensively. With every game he plays he further solidifies himself in one of the starting roles for the outfield.

The 26-year-old has shown impressive poise in the batters box and continuously puts the ball in play. In a year where the Phillies are looking for players to step up, Aaron Altherr has been doing a great job of showing this organization why he belongs.

With all that being said, the question is, can he keep it up? The difference between an average player and a good player is consistency. Every player can go on a streak, but the good ones are able to remain at a level of sustainable quality that average players cannot.

It is unknown what to expect from Aaron Altherr going into the future. He possesses traits to be a quality player in Major League Baseball, but he will need to prove that he can maintain this level of play throughout an entire season. Regardless of what his future entails, it seems apparent that, for right now, he needs to remain in the Phillies lineup.

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