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Anita Marks Continues to Make Her Mark in Local Sports Scene

Radio personality Anita Marks has made her way up the east coast, conquering talk radio, broadcast hosting, and fantasy football analysis.

Having grew up in Dade County, FL she attended the University of South Florida, made her way to Baltimore, and currently is in New York, covering, talking about, and analyzing the New York Football Giants,

As an important side note, I would say she has made a nice transition from player to TV/radio host.

In college she played in a collegiate football league for four years. She then played in a women’s professional football league (WPFL), playing for the Miami Fury, and in her final season with the Florida Stingrays.

“I played for five years, I played for two teams, and in that time, I quarterbacked, and I was doing a lot of interviews, and a lot of stuff for television and radio, and from doing that, once I was done playing football, I started to establish a career in front of the camera. I started on a sports talk radio show in Miami, years ago. Then I was the third wheel on a morning show and then I got my own afternoon drive show. So I worked in Miami for about ten years before I left and went to Baltimore.”

Marks is a strong female example of a successful woman in the sports industry.  As her career has grown, she has seen a noticeable increase in the number of females who are establishing careers in this industry.  As someone who has been around to see some changes come forth, she can offer a woman who strives to be a part of the male dominated sports world some healthy advice.

“One thing that I am seeing more and more that networks are doing is that they are hiring journalists, who have majored in journalism, and turning them into on air personalities. More so then hiring someone who majored in broadcasting or communications and putting them on air. So that’s a big change. I think that is something that we are going to see continue. That type of mentality when hiring women.”

Marks also added, “I think it is a lot easier for a network to hire somebody who has mastered the English language, who is a great writer, who is very creative and masterful with their words, and teach them how to be on air as opposed to hiring somebody who has a beautiful face and looks good on camera, but can’t necessarily articulate well, or formulate ideas well. My advice right now is major in journalism. Maybe minor in broadcasting, because I think that’s the direction our field is going.”

Marks is covering the NY Giants and can be seen/heard on MSG, WFAN,, and Verizon Fios.  When asked about how she would like to see her career grow she mentioned, “First and foremost let me just say, I really love working for the NY Giants. They are in my opinion, and I’m not just saying this because I work for them, I probably delayed this for years, I covered the Ravens for four years, I covered the Dolphins for 10, but I really truly believe, they are just a class act. I have really enjoyed the three years I have been with them.  It’s difficult because I’m in the number one market in the United States. There is no up for me, NY is it. So in that regards, my next step would be national. A national gig.”

Seeing how Anita had made her way to a successful sportscasting career in the number one market, I would say she has the drive, determination, and knowledge to take her talents to the national level. When the opportunity is there, she will grasp it.

She believes that the role of a woman sportscaster will grow, hopefully in the direction of color commentating and play-by-play. As this sports industry evolves, the amount of women who have successful careers in all aspects of broadcasting and journalism in sports should evolve too.

Anita Marks is at the top of her game, and is ready to conquer the whole US! This is why she is a perfect female to honor and mention during the month of March, which is Women’s History Month. Watch out for her!

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Jackie Daly

Jackie Daly has been with In The Zone since 2012. Her contributions have been mostly in NHL and special events coverage. Jackie has been a writer, video host, and podcast host with ITZ. She currently co-hosts Tea Time with Mel and Jay. Outside ITZ, Jackie works with MLS's New York City Football Club and the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers.
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