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Buffalo Bills Fans Donates over $360k to Lamar Jackson’s Favorite Charity

The Baltimore Raven lost against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. This was a tough loss because they lost by 14 points and also the Raven’s QB Lamar Jackson got injured during the game.He had to leave during the end of the 3rd quarter. After the game even though the Ravens had a tough loss they were met with kindness. Bills fans started donating to Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity shortly after the game.

Buffalo Bills fan donated over  $360,00o   in just a few days. Shortly after Jackson got injured a Bills fan went on the Buffalo Bills subreddit and made a post of a screenshot of a donation of $25 to the Louisville Chapter of Blessings In A Backpack. This post got a lot of attention and because of it, many Bills fans donated to this charity.

Lamar Jackson’s reaction

In a tweet Jackson expressed his thanks to Bills fans for donating to Blessings In A Backpack. He gave them a shout out on Twitter and thanked them.

Tweet from @Lj_era8

This donation means a lot to Jackson, but it’s going to mean much more to the kids who will be receiving this donation. Blessing In A Backpack is non-profit organization which provides free meals for school children who are fed by the free and reduced meal program at school. They provide these children with meals during the weekends when they aren’t at school. This donation will help feed thousands of children who at risk of going hungry during the weekends. This is another example of how charitable the sports community is.

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