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Australian Open
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Covid-19 Causes Issues at Australian Open

This year, the Australian Open started three weeks later than it usually does because of Covid-19 restrictions. Other Grand Slam tennis events, like the U.S Open and Wimbledon have either been canceled or not open to spectators. The French Open allowed only 1,000 spectators a day.

The 2021 Australian Open was different, because, it allowed up to 30,000 spectators per day. This is 50 percent of the normal capacity.

This event was a glimpse of what life could be like after Covid, having 50 percent capacity at this event is quite a lot compared to other sporting events during covid-19. Super Bowl LV attendance was about 5,000 less than the attendance of a tennis match at the Australian Open. Allowing so many spectators didn’t last because of an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Lockdown in Victoria causes Australian Open to close for Spectators

The State of Victoria entered a 5-day lockdown on February 12, 2021, to prevent the spread of new Covid-19 cases. No one except the Tennis players and those involved in the match was allowed to be at the stadium. This lockdown wasn’t long after those 5 days spectators were allowed back. February 18, 2021, was the first-day spectators can visit The Australian Open again, but at a limited capacity capped at around 7,000 spectators.

Spectators and fans are necessary to sports, without them sports, wouldn’t be popular. It’s motivating for athletes to perform in a stadium full of their fans. It is also fun going to sports events too. The Australian Open was close to normal, but we are still far from it.



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