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Craig Carton and friends take to the links for Tourettes

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The day started early for the WFAN crew as the set up for a live broadcast of WFAN’s Boomer & Carton Show from Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, NY. The clubhouse started filling up with golfers while the caddy master and his team made sure all the golf carts were in order. Auctions and raffles were being finalized at the tables surrounding the room. All this was taking place for one reason—the Tic Toc Stop 3rd Annual Golf Outing.

In addition to the generous corporate sponsors and numerous volunteers, golfers filled up every available tee time for this annual event. Some of those in attendance included Boomer Esiason, John Franco, John Starks, Rick Cerone, Gerry Cooney, Ray Rice, Fireman Ed, Chris Simms, Constantine Maroulis, Claudio Reyna, Stephen Baker “the Touchdown Maker”, Wally Szczerbiak and Frank Catalanotto were all on hand to support their friend Craig Carton and his foundation — Tic Toc Stop.

Tic Toc Stop was founded by Craig Carton and started with the mission to help improve the quality of life for people with Tourette Syndrome. Craig himself has Tourettes, as do two of his children. Even though he initially started with the goal of helping his own kids, he quickly realized how he could help many others.

As tee-time approached, Craig addressed all the golfers and thanked them for their continued support. He also noted that the foundation has raised nearly two million since their start not so long ago. Those donations are being used to help fund the research study currently being conducted at the Univ. of Tennessee. The medical study is testing an oral device developed by Tic Toc Stop, and how it can help minimize the effects of Tourettes. In addition to the medical study, these donations will fully fund a week-long stay away camp for kids with Tourettes (Camp Carton). This year they will have 50 kids in the camp. This gives so many kids the opportunity to have a camp experience they may not have ever had.

Many people only hear Craig as radio talk-show host. What many don’t see is his passion and commitment towards helping the kids. When praised for his work he will quickly deflect the focus back on to the needs of the kids. I have seen first hand how his work has changed many lives—giving parents and kids hope.

In the past year, I met a young boy who, without the device, would have a hard time getting a few words out without stammering which leads to frustration making it even that much more difficult to speak. But with the oral device, he was able to confidently get up in front of a crowd of 250+ and deliver a fantastic speech. I have been to the Camp Carton and have seen kids sit quietly alone, afraid to interact, quickly make friends and realize that they have others they can relate to. The confidence level goes up and everything else seems to be just a little bit easier.

I consider myself fortunate to have connected with Craig and his group three years ago and am now a proud member of the team. It allows me to be part of such a fun day while supporting a great cause.

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For more information about Tic Toc Stop please visit

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