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This weekend, if you turned on a Major League Baseball game, you will notice something very different. The league has called this weekend, Players’ Weekend. Uniforms are specially designed, with nicknames on the backs. Many players even went as far as to have custom bats and cleats created. Like it to not, baseball is using this as a way to connect with young fans, and allow players to express themselves more.

While there are a few players that chose not to participate and just put their last name on their back, the majority of players it seems have gone ahead with the idea. There are some clever nicknames. Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro has All-Starlin on his back while third baseman Todd Frazier chose to go with Toddfather. Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager went with Corey’s Brother, an obvious nod to his brother, Los Angeles Dodgers superstar shortstop, Corey Seager.

In honor of Players’ Weekend, here at we asked our staff what they would choose as their nickname if we required them to wear jerseys, and why. Here are the results…

Lou Monaco (Sweet Lou) – Lou is a veteran sports writer who contributes on Double G Sports, mostly as a golf analyst. Lou is also a well known horse racing writer and fan. His friends have him the nickname Sweet Lou after former baseball star Lou Pinella as well as one of the greatest harness horse of all time (Sweet Lou).

Judythe Ann Michelle (KINS) – A contributor to various areas of DoubleGSports over the years, Michelle (the name she goes by), says her father gave her the nickname KINS when she was little and called her that all her life.

Chip Gianni, Jr. (Chip) – Although Chip is the name he now goes by, our Staff Writer’s actual name is Charles Gianni, Jr.  Chip is the nickname here.

Jason Cordner (Bizzy J) – Our New York Liberty beat writer who also covers many other areas for us, Jason and many that know him consider his to be a serial multi-tasker. The nickname was given to him by an ex-girlfriend who used to complain, “You are always working or busy.” We’re not complaining how hard you work for us Jason!

Jason Goldstein (Barney) – Jason is our Basketball Editor and Brooklyn Nets Lead Writer. Because he is a big guy that is very outgoing and friendly, his friends in college gave him the nickname, Barney, after the friendly cartoon bear.

Jonathan Izquierdo (Shooter) – A staff photographer, appropriately, at every event, every beer, every outing, Johnnie is taking pictures. That’s why his friends call him, “Hey Shooter.”

Thomas Horak (Thorak) – Having attended a small school, Tom became known as the photographer on campus. He was the only one shooting sporting events so the athletes started calling him, “Thorakphotography.” Over time it was shortened to Thorak.

Jackie Daly (JAX) – Her friends in college gave it to her, and it has stuck.

Jake Schmied (Schmiedermayer) – Jake said his nickname would be Schmiedermayer. In fifth grade, his friend Jacob gave me this nickname because Scott Niedermayer had played on the New Jersey Devils, my favorite team. Jacob also said Jake’s last name and Niedermayer flowed well together.

Scott Rogust (Scotty 2 Hotty) – Growing up as a child, all Scott’s friends watched wrestling, so everyone in school would call him Scotty 2 Hotty, after the wrestler, to get on his nerves. So the name kind of stuck for the majority of his life. And no folks, he can’t do the worm.

Arlenis J. Pena (AJ) – Her first name is Arlenis Jonaydis and ever since moving to the United States, she always noticed that people had trouble pronouncing her first name and her middle name is not any easier, so Arlenis just went with AJ.

Karen King (Phi Beta) – The nickname was given to Karen by her parents because she always got good grades in school. She’s a Yale grad, and her parents’ encouragement and support played a large part in getting her there.

Kahlil Thomas (KT) – It was actually something Kahlil came up with in college after my first name being butchered by everyone during my freshman year. In a fit of rage, Kahlil yelled out “KT, just call me KT from now.” From there it stuck. 

Jayson Love (J-Lo) – It’s easy to see where this nickname comes from for Jayson.

There you have it, some of the nicknames our staff would use on their backs. Of course, our favorite nickname from Major League Baseball may just have to be from Washington Nationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez….

Washington Nationals starter wears “Double G” during Players’ Weekend.

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