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Should Gary Sanchez be moved to DH?

Gary Sanchez, the heart and soul of the Yankees’ young core, is tremendous to say the least on the offensive end. Sanchez clubbed 33 homers this season along with 90 RBI. Sanchez also had a .278 batting average this season. This is very good for someone of Sanchez’s game, one of a typical power hitter.

Now, onto the other side of Sanchez’s game, is his defense. Sanchez’s defensive mishaps have been noted throughout the year, including his benching by Yankees manager Joe Girardi this August. Sanchez’s defense has been getting better little by little, but it’s still not up to par. This can be clearly noted, such as when Sanchez dropped the ball on the relay throw from Didi Gregorius in the teams’ loss in Game 2 of the ALCS. Sanchez’s drop was on the last play of the game as Jose Altuve was able to score and give the Astros the win.

To be clear, I’m not blaming Sanchez for the lost, but I’m just noting his defensive failure in a big spot. Yankee fans aren’t expecting Gary Sanchez to be Yadier Molina out there, but they definitely expect better when it comes down to defense in a prime spot such as catcher.

Now, here’s what the Yankees can do with Sanchez. The pretty logical route seems to be that they will have to make Gary Sanchez a designated hitter to keep his bat in the lineup. Sanchez won’t be taking any players spot of the Yankees’ young core but the only issue will be what to do with Sanchez against an NL opponent, but that is something the manager must make the call on.

There’s often a feel amongst people in the baseball world that if you can hit, they’ll find a spot for you. Which is very true, but, Sanchez is costing this team runs and games with his lack luster defense. This is something the Yankees will have to consider this off season and cannot be ignored.

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