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Is Manny Machado on his way to Philadelphia?

Talks are heating up as Manny Machado’s days with the Orioles seem to be numbered

Coming into the All-Star break, the Philadelphia Phillies are holding onto first place in the NL East as best as they can. With young players like Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola and Zach Eflin, the team is exceeding expectations, just like the Braves are. Imagine this team with a bonafide star? A dream may become a reality, as Manny Machado may be on his way to the City of Brotherly Love.

Multiple reports are coming out saying that the Baltimore Orioles are looking to move the 26-year old Machado ASAP. Currently scheduled to start the All-Star Game for the American League, this might be the last time we see Manny in a Baltimore uniform.

While he is a free agent this upcoming season, Manny knows his time is coming. The Orioles won’t be able to break the bank for him. That is in large part due to Chris Davis’ seven-year, $161,000,000 deal. Among other factors, this made the “Manny Market” an exciting time for viewers outside of Baltimore. Manny spoke to the media pre-All-Star Game regarding the situation. While also wanting the waiting to end, he was interested to know what team he would be helping for a major run.

“I’m excited to, wherever it is, try to help someone win. And hopefully wherever I go, try to bring that team a ring.”

As of today, the list of teams vying for Machado are the Yankees, Brewers, Dodgers and Phillies, with the latter appearing to have the best shot. The Yankees have the young talent, but the asking price for Machado (including Justus Sheffield) might be too much. Maybe they don’t even need him. The Brewers, who desperately need help in the shortstop position, might be able to offer some valuable assets. After losing Corey Seager, the Dodgers are looking for a pure replacement. It is the Phillies however, dealing with a struggling Scott Kingery and injured JP Crawford, that could use the needed boost. They also have a special connection to Machado: President Andy MacPhail, GM Matt Klentak and director of player personnel Joe Jordan were members of the Orioles staff when Machado was drafted in 2010.

The real question will be whether or not teams are willing to give away top pitching prospects for what could just be a rental. That appears to be Baltimore’s asking price.

Machado is currently hitting 24 home runs while his RBI count is at 65. He has a .315 batting average with an impressive .963 OPS. What he did for the Orioles won’t be forgotten, but the honeymoon phase appears to have come to a crashing halt. As early as Friday, a new uniform may be resting on Manny Machado’s shoulders.

All we can do now is play the waiting game. Will the Phillies walk out the winners? One thing is for sure: the ones who lost this game will be the fans of the Orioles.

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