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Michael “Venom” Page on his rivalry with Paul Daley, what gives him an advantage heading into Bellator 216

“MVP” looks to remain undefeated while taking down an MMA mainstay in Daley.

When it comes to showcasing talent, the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix has a chance to strike gold for Scott Coker’s organization. One of the key fighters of the tournament is Michael “Venom” Page. For six years, “MVP” has slowly moved up within the division, earning his place as one of the best the company has to offer. Now, he puts it all on the line against an opponent he can’t wait to get his hands on.

Page (13-0) faces off against fellow countryman and rival Paul Daley at Bellator 216 inside the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. It is a big test for “MVP”, and it the ultimate reward for Bellator as they get to showcase two top talent settling a score.

While Daley doesn’t see the fight as personal as Page does, the 31-year-old feels disrespected. Daley (40-16-2) called Page the Adrien Broner to his Floyd Mayweather during an interview. Page told Double G Sports the circumstances surrounding the situation is what set him off.

“For me, it was just the way everything had happened. The reason why I felt so disrespected is that he’s never said that while I was present,” Page went on to say. “It has nothing to do with Adrien Broner the person; both he and Mayweather are amazing fighters. It is the way he has used the comparison, one that I don’t agree with at all, and the fact that I wasn’t there that upsets me. If he said it at the beginning like at a press conference, it wouldn’t bother me that much. I understand at this moment, everybody’s in their character and whatnot. I would then be able to say what I want to say. The way it was done, randomly, and the fact he sent me a funny picture afterward, I just don’t like that back and forth.”

Even with all of the emotions involved, Page still sees this as just another fight, with a twist.

“I’m not angry per se, I just don’t like him,” Page continued. “I’m not fighting with emotion. I just want to settle the score, and let him realize that I’m the A-side of this situation. I’m on another level in terms of ability. “

“MVP” is considered one of the most gifted and entertaining men in Bellator. When he isn’t watching Marvel films or throwing PokeBalls at opponents, Page is always working on his health. The last time he spoke to Double G Sports, “MVP” stated he was working under a flexitarian diet. When asked if has continued the diet, Page stated that he is on a more structured one, which has made him slightly heavier. The vegan scene in the UK is rising, and if Page can continue to dominate under the diet, it may just stay on.

One of the key things fans noticed about this fight was that it was not in the United Kingdom. Page looked at the positives for a fight he believes can go either way in regards to a venue.

“I think the fight is so big, it could go anywhere and people would tune in,” Page continued. “UK fans are a bit upset, I was as well initially. It is a fight made for the UK. It is what it is. Scott Coker has done something amazing with Sky Sports, so now people can still be there with me, live. This is the perfect fight for the UK fans to view now.”

With Bellator teaming with Sky Sports, it provides fans with the ultimate opportunity to tune in at the exact time the fight happens. There are no delays like the old days (a few weeks ago), making the fight experience for fans a rich one.

Bellator 216 takes place tonight (February 16th), and it will air exclusively on DAZN. If no emotions can hinder Page’s mind, he will look to pounce at the right moment and strike down Daley with ease. Preparing for a guy like Page is no easy feat, and he sees that with the latest obstacle in his way.

“He can’t even train for me; he’s had karate guys in the gym. That is not me,” Page stated. “If I’m a better ‘MVP’ compared to last time, I’m a more dangerous fighter against any opponent.”

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