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Sandy Alderson discusses Moustakas and more as Mets make their way to Spring Training

As fans grow restless, Sandy Alderson looks to extinguish the fire before the heat turns up in Spring Training

As the Mets prepare to head off to Spring Training, questions still remained unanswered. The need for another impact player is more noticeable than ever before, and management hasn’t been that open with how things are going. Speaking with fans yesterday as the team’s equipment truck, along with Mr. and Mrs. Met, headed to Port St. Lucie, GM Sandy Alderson talked about a wide variety of topics. The trip is supposed to drive everyone’s thoughts away from the bitter cold to sunny Florida. Fans had a different way of looking at it.

Mets fans are some of the most passionate fans in baseball. They are also the most concerned. Sandy attempted to calm the concerns by pointing out that they have done more work than about 80% of teams in the league this offseason That includes bringing back Jose Reyes, Jay Bruce and Asdrubal Cabrera, while bringing in Adrian Gonzalez and Anthony Swarzak. Part of that is due to the stagnant offseason. With over 100 free agents still available, Sandy is confident the right deal will get done.

Unfortunately for those interested in a reunion with “Big Sexy” Bartolo Colon, Sandy rejected one happening. There was another name discussed, and that name was Mike Moustakas.

In regards to the free agent 3B, Sandy was pretty adamant that he was not on the Mets’ radar. While Moustakas had a solid season, slashing .272/.314/.521 with a career-high 38 HRs and 85 RBIs, it’s everything else that Sandy doesn’t want to handle. One of the various factors include the asking price of the 29-year old. If the Mets were to also land Moustakas, they would be forced to surrender their third round pick in the MLB draft later this year. While sacrifices can be made, the lack of versatility on Moustakas’ part has also played a factor. Sandy stated that the team is looking into not just a player who can man third base, but second and a variety of other positions was well. Players like Eduardo Nunez, Todd Frazier and Josh Harrison fit that mold while Moustakas doesn’t.

Besides those players, Alderson has been keeping an eye on Asdrubal Cabrera. His desire to play second base more than anything else intrigued the Baseball Maverick. It helps the team get a better taste of what they truly need in the market.

“Now that we know he’d be happier at second, it broadens the scope of what we may do.”

By saving up and finding ways to eliminate players for cash or other members of the league, like they did with Chase Bradford and Josh Smoker, the Mets are looking to hold on until the free agent frenzy get’s hot again. Whether they can grab another bite or starve until Opening Day is something to look out for.

It’s up to the fans to accept where the team is currently at and how they plan to work it all out. If they don’t, the Mets won’t ever truly escape the cold atmosphere that is New York. Maybe an extended stay in Florida will help.

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