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Sports Books; A Great Holiday Gift Idea

If you are looking for something for that sports fan in your life this holiday season, these are just a few of the excellent ideas.

As much as reading is good for you, not everyone can just pick up a random book and start reading. May get bored, quickly. Sometimes you just have to find the book about a topic of interest to you. Reading is great for relaxing, something all of us could do every now and then.

Pick a topic. It can be cooking, parenting, sports, flying, or a fiction novel. Just find that topic to spark your interest, I promise you will enjoy reading if you do that. Don’t go off the cliff and try reading something that you have no interest in right away. Baby steps.

Since you are reading this blog, I assume you or someone you know like’s sports. In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to make a few suggestions on gifts you can buy for the sports fan in your life, or as a treat to yourself. It also just so happens that today is known as “Cyber Monday.” This means you can find great deals on many purchases.

Some of these books I have read and others I have not gotten the chance to yet, however I do plan on it. Some of these are actually on my christmas list as gift ideas.

Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball

I can not stress this enough, go buy this book. If you know someone that is a big Yankees fan (like myself), they will love this book. Even non Yankees fans will get a glimpse into the like that former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner led. Some of what is written we all know, like the hard nosed, tough, nasty SOB The Boss was. However, what many do not know is the generous and caring guy Mr. Steinbrenner was. You will find it all in this book, a must read for any baseball fan.

The Last Boy

This is the book on top of my Christmas list. I’ve heard great things about this book all about former baseball great Mickey Mantle. Author Jane Leavy reveals many things about The Mick that had never been revealed. One of the greatest baseball players of all time, how could you not want to read about Mickey Mantle?

Strike IX

Strike IX was written by Paul Lonardo. Mr. Lonardo was kind enough to provide me with a copy of this book to read and I am very thankful for that. Strike IX talks about the Providence College baseball program and the way it was dismissed. A story that shows how much pride and heart this group of college students had and just how much baseball meant to them. Despite getting the bad news that the program would be gone after one final season, this ball club rallied together and had a season of a lifetime. A heartwarming and heart wrenching story that everyone should read. I promise you will learn just what a team is.

You can find these books and so much more at your local book stores or online. If you are looking for something for that sports fan in your life this holiday season, these are just a few of the excellent ideas.

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