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Tea Time w/ Mel & Jay

Tea Time with Mel & Jay, Ep. 4: Review of the Rock Climbing Documentary, The Dawn Wall (Audio/Video)

Tea Time w/ Mel & Jay is a podcast where Melody and Jackie review anything and everything sports production related; whether that be sports reality TV, sports movies, sports documentaries, or a sports series!

Welcome to Episode 4 of Tea Time!

In this episode, Mel and Jay decided to review a documentary, so a little different of a vibe compared to a reality show (Ep. 1 + 2) and a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie (Ep. 3). The girls review The Dawn Wall, a rock climbing documentary about climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson and their journey up the Dawn Wall of El Cap at Yosemite National Park.

A fun fact about Mel and Jay, they absolutely are obsessed with climbing (learning, watching, talking about it, not climbing themselves), and fell in love with the sport after watching Free Solo, which chronicles climber Alex Honnold’s journey as he solo free climbed (no ropes) El Cap.

The girls run through the doc, give their champagne flute rating (spoiler alert – this was the highest rated production that they have reviewed so far), while having their usual LaMarca, and give their takes on what they think two prominent athletes would have to say about this documentary. Mel channels her inner Alex Honnold and dives into what she think he would say to this. Jay channels her inner Jalen Ramsey, cornerback for the LA Rams. Listen to Ep. 4 to see the reason WHY Jay chose Ramsey to make a special appearance!

This episode was the girl’s favorite yet! Don’t miss it!

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Jackie Daly

Jackie Daly has been with In The Zone since 2012. Her contributions have been mostly in NHL and special events coverage. Jackie has been a writer, video host, and podcast host with ITZ. She currently co-hosts Tea Time with Mel and Jay. Outside ITZ, Jackie works with MLS's New York City Football Club and the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

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