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When one thinks of public relations, especially in sports, the first name that should come to mind, is MJ Pedone. As President of Indra Public Relations, MJ has made a significant impact within the industry. Her dedication and loyalty to her clients is outstanding to say the least. As Double G Sports celebrates Women’s History Month, we honor those who have made an impact for women within the sports industry. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you a true leader and pioneer, MJ Pedone.

MJ Pedone, center (Photo courtesy of MJ Pedone)

MJ Pedone, center (Photo courtesy of MJ Pedone)

Double G Sports: Founder and President, writer, host of a celebrity related podcast (Live with MJ on Blog Talk Radio), entrepreneur and mom. How does one person manage to become one of the most trusted names in PR today?

MJ Pedone: From an early age, my parents taught me important values in life; integrity, loyalty and commitment. They instilled in my siblings and I that you have one chance to make a first impression so make sure it is one that you will be proud of. They also told us to never go back on our word!  These characteristics have resonated with me and are the same ones that I’m now instilling in my 7-year old son. These characteristics has led me to be someone that not only my clients, but everybody who is in my life admires. My parents were excellent role models. I’m blessed!

MJ on another motivation factor: Having good ethics.

DGS: What does “Indra” mean? Why Indra?

MJ: “Indra” is a Zen word that means the luckiest and most powerful of the Rain Gods and represents the beauty and splendor of heaven. When I was searching names for my company, I had many people ask me, “Why don’t you just use MJ, as your name is already a brand?” My father had just passed away, and when I saw the word Indra and read its meaning, “beauty and splendor of heaven,” I knew Indra was the right name for my company.

MJ Pedone (Photo courtesy of MJ Pedone)

MJ Pedone (Photo courtesy of MJ Pedone)

DGS: When you first started, what did you imagine Indra PR would become? Did it end up exceeding your expectations?

MJ: When I first started Indra PR, I knew I was in a good position for success because of where I was coming from. I was a successful model and had many great contacts and relationships. As an entrepreneur, I’m never satisfied and always want to achieve something greater. I always set the bar high with anything that I do and once I achieve a goal, I set another. Although I’m blessed to have had a lot of accomplishments, I have a bigger picture of what I want to achieve.

MJ in regards to her relationship with her clients: I’m fortunate because I don’t work with everybody who tries to employ my agency.  I’m able to pick and choose who I want to work with.  I’ve been very fortunate because I have some of the most amazing clients who are so appreciative of the hard work that we do. My clients are my extended family.

DGS: How does Indra “Push the Boundaries” in today’s world?

MJ: We have such a strong team and everyone strives for a common goal. We think outside of the ordinary and are able to take a brand or an individual and elevate them to another level. I’m fortunate because we have great relationships with the media and are so well respected that we aren’t afraid to push any boundaries. In turn, Indra PR has become an outstanding and trusting resource for countless media members so we are able to make a significant impact.

DGS: As a woman, what difficulties, if any, did you face when you first started? How have you worked past these issues, or do you continue to deal with it?

MJ: When I first started in the industry, I was certainly up against a male dominated business. You didn’t have many women pursuing sports or as actively involved as they are today. I was an attractive girl working with athletes and I would get hit on by the players, agents and managers. I was able to keep my head on straight and not tarnish my reputation in any way and quickly gained the respect that I deserved, leading me to excel in this profession and a big reason for my success.

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MJ Pedone (left) with members of her staff at Indra Public Relations. (Photo courtesy of MJ Pedone)

DGS: What do you think may be the biggest issue for women in the workplace today?

MJ: I think the biggest issue for women in the workplace is the disparity in salary compensation. It continues to be an ongoing issue as women are just as qualified to do the same job as men and at times, even better. Although there has been progress with this issue, there is still a way to go.

DGS: Do you believe women are doing enough to make an impact for the younger generation? Is there more work to be done?

MJ: In my opinion, I do believe women are doing much more in making an impact on the younger generation by paving the way for equality in the work force. There will always be more work to do, but we are making much more noise about it. I also find that women are helping the younger generation today by becoming mentors, hiring more interns, speaking at schools and attending events. I know myself, I received an extensive amount of calls and emails daily from college students looking for internships and/or job openings.  I try and at least to hire 6-10 interns throughout the year.

DGS: Do you have any advice for any young women out there?

MJ: The best advice I can share with the young women who are getting ready to enter the work force, is to intern for various companies, learn as much as you can and do the best job that you could.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to work hard every day. Be confident, set goals and find some great business mentors.

DGS: Who are some influencers that you admire?

MJ: I admire Arianna Huffington. She has done a great job for women, especially for those in PR and journalism. She’s bright and has built a huge empire. She’s also a mother, author and entrepreneur who loves speaking and sharing her wisdom and experiences without hesitation or ego. Also, I love everything that Bill Gates has done and Warren Buffett as well.

One of my mentor’s is Peter Borish, aka “The Wizard of Wall Street”, who is the chief strategist of Quad Capital. He’s also the co-founder of The Robin Hood Foundation. He’s a brilliant man, and our morals are aligned.

DGS: What does the future hold for MJ Pedone and Indra Public Relations?

MJ: We have a lot of exciting things in the works with some of the biggest names in sports. I’m under hush for now, but the world will know soon enough!



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