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A Very Early Look at the Jets 2015 Schedule, With Predictions

Early prediction of 10 wins for the Jets this season.

With the great offseason that the Jets have had, a lot of people are expecting them to be a competitor in the AFC East, a division that has been dominated by the Patriots for as long as anybody can remember thanks to Tom Brady. A lot of people have picked the Jets to finish the season with eight, nine, or even 10 wins. However, it is difficult to predict without taking a close look at their schedule.

Geno Smith (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Geno Smith (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)


Week 1 – Jets vs. Browns: This is a win. The Browns always have a lot of hype surrounding them now since Johnny Manziel is their quarterback, but the reality is that the Manziel is not a good quarterback. And with the Jets in position to have one of the best defenses in the NFL, I don’t think the Jets will have any problems with this game.

Week 2 – Jets @ Colts (Monday Night Football): The Jets will lose this one. The Colts are clearly a much more complete team than the Jets are as they made it to the AFC Championship game last season. The Jets are not on their level yet. And on top of that, the Jets just never seem to play well in primetime matchups.

Week 3 – Jets vs Eagles: This matchup is interesting. The Eagles went 10-6 last season but missed the playoffs under Chip Kelly’s first season. And after a plethora of offseason moves, most of which were done to acquire Marcus Mariota in the draft, the Eagles now face a starting quarterback dilemma between Sam Bradford and former Jet Mark Sanchez. They also signed Tim Tebow but there is no way in the world he will be starting. With that being said, this just seems like a game the Jets are going to lose. I think the Eagles will be on a mission to redeem themselves after missing the playoffs last season and they will want to win the games they are supposed to. The Jets fall to 1-2 after three weeks.

Week 4 – Jets @ Dolphins (from London): This is a must win for the Jets. With the Bills and Patriots very dangerous divisional teams, the Jets must beat the Dolphins when they play them. The Jets also have to avoid falling to 1-3 on the season because things could tail spin after a rough start, just like last year. A win this week puts the Jets at 2-2. Week 5 is there bye week.

Week 6 – Jets vs. Redskins: This is another win. The Redskins do not have much going for them. After Robert Griffin III tore his ACL, he was just not the same quarterback. He is not a true pocket passer as he relies on running down the field, which is something he does not do very often because of his knee injury. The Jets will win this home game and advance to 3-2.

Week 7 – Jets @ Patriots: The Jets haven’t won in New England since the divisional round of the 2011 playoffs. On top of that, the Jets haven’t won a regular season game in New England since 2009. This game is a loss for the Jets as the Patriots own this rivalry thanks to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Jets fall to 3-3.

Week 8 – Jets @ Raiders: The Jets will win this one. The Raiders are not too much of a threat and they will have to win the games they are supposed to. The Jets also beat the Raiders Week 1 last year 19-14 and the Jets are clearly a much better team this year. The Jets will be 4-3 after this week.

Week 9 – Jets vs Jaguars: This is another easy game that the Jets should win. And it is at home. This year will be Blake Bortels’ first year as the starting quarterback of the Jaguars but he will be no match for the Jet defense. The Jets advance to 5-3.

Week 10 – Jets vs. Bills (Thursday Night Football): The Bills are a very dangerous divisional team. Along with the Jets, they have one of the top defenses in Football. I think the Jets will split the season series with the Bills. So just for argument sake, let’s say each team wins their home games. By that logic, Jets win this game and advance to 6-3.

Week 11 – Jets @ Texans: The Jets should win this game as the Texans offense is not any good. On top of that, they have to play the Jets defense. This could be a game where two touchdowns wins it for the Jets as they advance to 7-3.

Week 12 – Jets vs. Dolphins: The Jets are a better team than the Dolphins. No question about that. Playing at Metlife Stadium, I think the Jets win and advance to 8-3. In a tough division with the Bills and Patriots, the Jets have to beat the Dolphins twice.

Week 13 – Jets @ Giants: On paper, the Jets are clearly the better team than the Giants. However this just smells like a game the Jets would lose. Jets fans have endured heartbreak after heartbreak for as long as I can remember. The last time these two teams squared off was in 2011 where the Giants won 29-14 on Christmas Eve. As a matter of fact the Jets haven’t beaten the Giants since 1993. But I think that changes with this game. The Jets’ offense is decent, but the Giants defense will not be good this year. And a good defense stops a good offense. With that being said, I think the Jets win this game and advance to 9-3.

Week 14 – Jets vs Titans: This is another win. The Titans are not good. The Jets are and at home. Don’t read too far into this. The Jets will be 10-3 after this game.

Week 15 – Jets @ Cowboys (Saturday Night Football): This is where the Jets winning streak comes to an end. By this point, the Jets will have played 10 weeks in a row since their bye is week 5. The Jets will be tired and they never play well in prime time games. Jets fall to 10-4.

Week 16 – Jets vs. Patriots: Once again, the Patriots own the Jets. If the Jets are in a serious playoff run at this point, maybe the Jets will come close. Unfortunately, Tom Brady just knows how to beat down on them. Jets fall to 10-5.

Week 17 – Jets @ Bills: Like I said earlier, I think the Jets will split with the Bills. I picked the Jets to win their home game so now the Bills will win this game. Jets fall to 10-6 to close out the season.


10-6 is light years better compared to 4-12. This team has come a long way in just one offseason. 10-6 is usually a playoff team, yet not guaranteed. The Eagles missed the playoffs last year and they finished with 10 wins. Whether it is the playoffs or not, this team will be significantly better than the product Jets fans saw last year.

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